Afk Arena Furniture Priority In 2023

Why AFK Arena Furniture Matters

AFK Arena, the popular idle RPG game, has introduced a new feature called furniture that adds a whole new dimension to gameplay. Furniture not only enhances the aesthetics of your heroes but also provides significant stat bonuses and unique abilities. Building the right furniture setup can greatly impact your team’s performance in battles, making it a crucial aspect of the game to focus on. In this article, we will discuss the priority of AFK Arena furniture in the year 2023.

Focusing on Key Heroes

When it comes to prioritizing furniture, it’s essential to focus on your key heroes. These are the heroes you frequently use in your team compositions and rely on for progress. Upgrading their furniture should be your top priority as it can significantly boost their power and utility in battles. Identify your best heroes and invest in their furniture upgrades to maximize their potential.

Meta Heroes

Meta heroes, the ones considered top-tier in the current game meta, should be given priority when it comes to furniture investments. These heroes are often the most effective in various game modes, including PvP and PvE. By upgrading their furniture, you can make them even more dominant and gain an edge over your opponents.

Support Heroes

While damage-dealing heroes usually steal the spotlight, support heroes play a crucial role in any team composition. They provide healing, buffs, and crowd control, which can turn the tide of battle. Investing in the furniture of your support heroes can enhance their abilities, making them more effective in sustaining your team and providing crucial utility.

Consider Faction Bonuses

AFK Arena has a faction system where heroes from the same faction can receive faction bonuses. These bonuses can significantly boost the stats and abilities of your heroes. When prioritizing furniture upgrades, consider focusing on heroes from the same faction to maximize the benefits of faction bonuses. This can give you a substantial advantage in battles, especially when facing opponents of different factions.


Lightbearers are one of the main factions in AFK Arena, known for their versatility and balanced playstyle. Investing in furniture upgrades for your key Lightbearer heroes can provide valuable bonuses, making them more resilient and powerful in battles.


Maulers are a faction known for their brute strength and raw power. Upgrading furniture for your top Mauler heroes can further enhance their damage output and survivability, making them formidable foes on the battlefield.


Wilders excel in providing crowd control and high mobility. By investing in the furniture of your primary Wilder heroes, you can amplify their control abilities and make them even more disruptive in battles, giving your team a strategic advantage.


Graveborn heroes are masters of dark magic and excel in dealing damage over time. Enhancing the furniture of your key Graveborn heroes can increase their damage potential and provide additional utility in battles, making them a force to be reckoned with.

Event and Dimensional Heroes

AFK Arena periodically introduces event and dimensional heroes, which often have unique abilities and playstyles. While these heroes may not belong to any specific faction, they can still greatly contribute to your team’s success. When these heroes receive furniture upgrades, they can become even more powerful and provide a fresh tactical approach to your gameplay.

Strategically Planning Furniture Investments

With limited resources, it’s crucial to strategically plan your furniture investments. Prioritize heroes that are part of your core team and provide the most significant impact. Consider the heroes you frequently use in different game modes and target their furniture upgrades accordingly. By doing so, you can ensure that your resources are efficiently utilized and your team becomes stronger overall.


In 2023, AFK Arena’s furniture system continues to play a vital role in enhancing gameplay. Prioritizing furniture upgrades for your key heroes, considering faction bonuses, and investing in event and dimensional heroes can significantly impact your team’s performance. As you strategically plan your furniture investments, remember that the right setup can give you a competitive edge and help you achieve greater success in battles. So, start prioritizing your AFK Arena furniture upgrades today and dominate the game!

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