All Bloodhound Skins 2024


As we step into the year 2024, Apex Legends enthusiasts are eager to explore the latest collection of Bloodhound skins. Bloodhound, the Technological Tracker, has become a fan-favorite character in the game, and Respawn Entertainment never fails to amaze us with their exceptional skin designs. In this article, we will dive into the realm of Bloodhound skins that are anticipated to be released in 2024.

1. Legendary Skins

The upcoming year is set to introduce several legendary skins for Bloodhound, each with its unique design and theme. One of the most awaited legendary skins is “Eternal Vigilant,” which embodies the essence of Bloodhound’s mysterious and enigmatic personality. With intricate details and a dark color scheme, this skin is sure to captivate the players.

Another legendary skin to keep an eye out for is “Techno Tracker,” which embraces Bloodhound’s technological prowess. This skin features a futuristic design with glowing circuit patterns and neon accents, giving Bloodhound an even more futuristic and cyberpunk appearance.

2. Epic Skins

In addition to the legendary skins, Apex Legends enthusiasts can also expect a variety of epic skins for Bloodhound. One such skin is “Night Stalker,” which depicts Bloodhound as a stealthy assassin of the night. The skin showcases dark and shadowy aesthetics, allowing Bloodhound to blend effortlessly into the darkness of the battlefield.

Another notable epic skin is “Wild Huntress,” which presents Bloodhound as a fierce warrior of the wild. This skin incorporates tribal patterns and animalistic elements, reflecting Bloodhound’s connection to nature and their hunting instincts.

3. Rare Skins

For players looking for more affordable yet visually appealing options, the rare skins for Bloodhound in 2024 are worth considering. “Shadow Hound” is a rare skin that highlights Bloodhound’s association with shadows and darkness. The skin features a sleek black outfit with glowing red eyes, creating an intimidating presence on the battlefield.

Another intriguing rare skin is “Artic Tracker,” which portrays Bloodhound as an expert in surviving harsh, icy environments. This skin incorporates frosty textures and cold color tones, making Bloodhound look like a formidable force in wintry landscapes.

4. Seasonal Event Skins

Throughout the year, Apex Legends hosts various seasonal events, offering players a chance to obtain limited-time skins. Bloodhound enthusiasts can expect exclusive skins during these events, such as “Feline Frenzy” during the Spring Festival event, where Bloodhound is depicted as a guardian of prosperity and good luck, adorned with vibrant colors and traditional symbols.

During the Halloween event, Bloodhound may receive a spooky skin called “Nightmare Hunter.” This skin embraces the spirit of Halloween with eerie details, such as glowing eyes and hauntingly beautiful patterns, making Bloodhound a fearsome presence on the battlefield.


The year 2024 promises an exciting array of Bloodhound skins in Apex Legends. Whether you prefer legendary, epic, rare, or seasonal event skins, there will be something to suit every player’s taste. Keep an eye out for the release of these skins and get ready to customize your Bloodhound in style!

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