Cookie Clicker Best Pantheon Active In 2023

The Power of Pantheon in Cookie Clicker

Cookie Clicker, the addictive idle clicker game, has captured the hearts of players around the world. With its simple yet engaging gameplay, players can’t help but get hooked on the quest for cookies. One of the key features that sets Cookie Clicker apart is the Pantheon, a powerful system that grants various bonuses to help players boost their cookie production. In this article, we will explore the best Pantheon active in 2023, providing valuable insights and strategies to maximize your cookie-clicking potential.

Understanding the Pantheon System

The Pantheon in Cookie Clicker consists of a group of gods that can be assigned to three different slots: Diamond, Ruby, and Jade. Each god comes with unique abilities that provide different bonuses to your game. By carefully selecting and activating the gods, you can significantly enhance your cookie production, making your gameplay more efficient and rewarding.

The Best Pantheon Combination

When it comes to choosing the best Pantheon active in 2023, it’s important to consider the specific goals and strategies you have for your gameplay. However, there is a popular combination that many players find highly effective:

Slot 1: Jeremy, the Wrinkler

Jeremy, the Wrinkler, is an excellent choice for the first slot in your Pantheon. His ability, “Wrinklerspawn,” grants a 5% chance of spawning two Wrinklers instead of one when a Wrinkler pops. This ability is incredibly valuable as Wrinklers feed on your cookies, allowing you to gain even more cookies when you pop them. With Jeremy in your Pantheon, you can maximize your Wrinkler benefits and increase your overall cookie production.

Slot 2: Skruuia, the Scourge

In the second slot, Skruuia, the Scourge, is a powerful god that boosts your cookie production by 15% for each Wrinkler you have. This bonus is cumulative, meaning the more Wrinklers you have, the higher your production boost. By pairing Skruuia with Jeremy, you can create a synergistic effect that greatly enhances your cookie output, especially when combined with other production-boosting strategies.

Slot 3: Holobore, the Cursed

For the third and final slot, Holobore, the Cursed, proves to be an excellent choice. His ability, “Cursed Finger,” allows you to spend cookies to instantly summon a Golden Cookie. This ability is particularly useful when you need a quick boost in cookie production or when you’re aiming for specific bonuses offered by Golden Cookies. With Holobore in your Pantheon, you can take advantage of his ability strategically to optimize your gameplay.

Additional Tips to Enhance Your Cookie Clicker Experience

While the best Pantheon combination can significantly improve your cookie production, there are other strategies and tips you can employ to further enhance your Cookie Clicker experience:

1. Upgrade Buildings

Investing in building upgrades is crucial for boosting your cookie production. Focus on upgrading your most profitable buildings to maximize your earnings.

2. Utilize Heavenly Upgrades

Heavenly Upgrades offer permanent bonuses that greatly impact your gameplay. Prioritize acquiring these upgrades to gain long-term benefits.

3. Activate Golden Cookies

Golden Cookies provide various temporary bonuses, such as increased cookie production or instant building upgrades. Keep an eye out for these cookies and activate them strategically to maximize their benefits.

4. Ascend Wisely

Ascending allows you to reset your progress but provides Heavenly Chips, which can be used to purchase powerful upgrades. Ascend strategically when you feel the benefits outweigh the loss of progress.

5. Experiment with Cookie Upgrades

Cookie Upgrades offer additional boosts to your cookie production. Try different combinations to find the ones that work best for your gameplay style.


When it comes to the best Pantheon active in Cookie Clicker in 2023, the combination of Jeremy, Skruuia, and Holobore proves to be highly effective. By carefully selecting and activating these gods, you can significantly enhance your cookie production and maximize your gameplay. Additionally, implementing other strategies such as upgrading buildings, utilizing heavenly upgrades, and activating golden cookies will further boost your cookie-clicking potential. So, get ready to click your way to cookie domination with these powerful tips and tricks!

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