How To Awaken Fruits In Blox Fruits Magma


Welcome to a comprehensive guide on how to awaken fruits in Blox Fruits Magma. Blox Fruits is a popular Roblox game where players can embark on exciting adventures as pirates, explore islands, and unlock powerful abilities through fruits. One of the key aspects of the game is awakening fruits, which allows players to unlock their full potential. In this article, we will delve into the process of awakening fruits specifically in the Magma update of Blox Fruits. So, let’s dive in!

Understanding Fruits and Awakening

In Blox Fruits, fruits are special items that grant players unique abilities and powers. Each fruit has its own set of abilities, and by consuming a fruit, players gain access to these powers. However, fruits start at a base level and need to be awakened to reach their maximum potential. Awakening a fruit enhances its abilities and allows players to unlock new moves and techniques.

Acquiring a Magma Fruit

Before we can awaken a fruit in the Magma update of Blox Fruits, we first need to acquire a Magma fruit. Magma fruits can be obtained by defeating Magma Admiral NPCs, which spawn randomly on islands. It’s important to note that Magma Admiral NPCs are extremely powerful, so it’s recommended to team up with other players for a better chance of success. Once you defeat a Magma Admiral, they have a chance to drop a Magma fruit.

Consuming the Magma Fruit

Once you have acquired a Magma fruit, it’s time to consume it and gain its powers. To consume a fruit in Blox Fruits, open your inventory and click on the fruit. This will activate the fruit, granting you its abilities. However, keep in mind that consuming a fruit also comes with a cost. It will remove your ability to swim, making water a dangerous obstacle. It’s essential to plan your gameplay accordingly and avoid water areas.

Awakening the Magma Fruit

After consuming the Magma fruit, you can start the process of awakening it. Awakening a fruit requires obtaining fragments specific to that fruit. In the case of the Magma fruit, you need to collect Magma fragments. These fragments can be obtained by defeating Magma Admiral NPCs and completing specific quests or tasks related to the Magma fruit.

Defeating Magma Admiral NPCs

To collect Magma fragments, you will need to defeat Magma Admiral NPCs. These powerful enemies spawn randomly on islands, so it’s crucial to explore different locations to increase your chances of encountering them. Team up with other players to take down these formidable foes and collect Magma fragments.

Completing Magma Fruit Quests

In addition to defeating Magma Admiral NPCs, you can also obtain Magma fragments by completing quests or tasks related to the Magma fruit. These quests can be found on different islands and often require specific objectives to be met. Pay attention to the quest descriptions and follow the instructions to successfully complete them and earn Magma fragments.

Awakening Fruit Levels

As you collect Magma fragments, your Magma fruit will progress through different awakening levels. Each awakening level unlocks new abilities and moves for the fruit, making it more powerful. Make sure to keep track of your progress and the number of fragments required for each awakening level. Once you have enough fragments, you can interact with a specific NPC to awaken your fruit to the next level.

Max Awakening Level and Ultimate Moves

The ultimate goal of awakening a fruit in Blox Fruits Magma is to reach the maximum awakening level. At the max level, your fruit will unlock its ultimate moves, which are incredibly powerful and can turn the tide of battles. These ultimate moves can be devastating to opponents and give you a significant advantage in combat. Strive to collect enough fragments to reach the max awakening level and unleash the full potential of your Magma fruit.


Awakening fruits in Blox Fruits Magma is an exciting and rewarding process that allows players to unlock the true potential of their fruits. By acquiring a Magma fruit, consuming it, and collecting Magma fragments, players can progress through different awakening levels and unlock new abilities and moves. Remember to team up with other players, defeat Magma Admiral NPCs, and complete quests to gather enough fragments for awakening. Aim for the max awakening level to unleash the ultimate moves of your Magma fruit and dominate the world of Blox Fruits. Good luck!

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