How To Buy Ebooks For Kindle Not From Amazon


With the increasing popularity of e-readers, many people are turning to Amazon’s Kindle for their reading pleasure. While Amazon offers a vast selection of eBooks, you may be interested in purchasing eBooks from other sources. Fortunately, there are ways to buy eBooks for your Kindle device or app that are not available on Amazon. In this article, we will explore some alternative methods to acquire eBooks for your Kindle.

1. Check Other eBook Retailers

There are numerous eBook retailers besides Amazon that offer a wide range of titles. Some popular options include Barnes & Noble’s Nook, Kobo, and Google Play Books. These platforms have their dedicated apps that can be downloaded onto your Kindle device, allowing you to access and purchase eBooks directly.

2. Convert eBooks to Kindle Format

If you come across an eBook that is not available in Kindle format, you can convert it using software like Calibre. Calibre is a free and user-friendly program that allows you to convert eBooks into various formats, including Kindle’s MOBI or AZW. Once you have converted the eBook, you can transfer it to your Kindle device via USB or email.

3. Utilize eBook Subscription Services

Consider subscribing to eBook services like Scribd, Bookmate, or Kindle Unlimited. Although Kindle Unlimited is an Amazon service, it offers a vast library of eBooks that are not available for purchase individually. By subscribing to these services, you gain access to a wide range of books that can be read on your Kindle device.

4. Join eBook Sharing Communities

There are online communities that focus on sharing eBooks among members. Websites like Project Gutenberg offer a vast collection of free eBooks that can be downloaded and transferred to your Kindle device. Additionally, platforms like Library Genesis and Mobilism provide access to a wide range of eBooks, including popular titles that might not be available through official channels.

5. Explore Independent Authors and Publishers

Many independent authors and publishers sell their eBooks directly through their websites or other platforms. Websites like Smashwords and Lulu offer a platform for independent authors to publish and sell their work. By exploring these platforms, you can discover unique and lesser-known eBooks that are not available on Amazon.

6. Visit Secondhand eBook Marketplaces

If you don’t mind purchasing secondhand eBooks, you can explore marketplaces like eBay or AbeBooks. These platforms often have a wide range of used eBooks available at lower prices. While the selection might be limited, you can find hidden gems or out-of-print books that are not readily available elsewhere.

7. Keep an Eye on eBook Deals and Promotions

Follow websites and newsletters that notify you about eBook deals and promotions. Websites like BookBub and Freebooksy offer daily or weekly newsletters with discounted or free eBooks. By keeping an eye on these platforms, you might come across eBooks that interest you and are not available on Amazon.


While Amazon’s Kindle store offers a vast selection of eBooks, there are alternative methods to buy eBooks for your Kindle device. By exploring other eBook retailers, converting eBooks to Kindle format, utilizing subscription services, joining eBook sharing communities, exploring independent authors, visiting secondhand marketplaces, and keeping an eye on deals and promotions, you can expand your eBook collection beyond Amazon’s offerings. Happy reading!

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