How To Buy Fireworks On The Sims 4

Setting the Stage for a Spectacular Celebration

The Sims 4 offers endless opportunities for players to immerse themselves in the virtual world and create unique experiences. One exciting aspect of gameplay is the ability to celebrate special occasions with fireworks. Whether it’s a birthday, a New Year’s Eve party, or a festive holiday, fireworks can add that extra spark to your Sims’ lives. In this article, we will guide you through the process of buying fireworks in The Sims 4, allowing you to create stunning displays that will leave your Sims in awe.

Step 1: Unlocking Fireworks in Build Mode

Before you can buy fireworks, you need to ensure that the option is available in your game. Head to Build Mode and search for the “Fireworks” category. If you cannot find it, you may need to unlock it by progressing through the game. Participating in events, completing achievements, and reaching higher levels will often grant you access to new items, including fireworks.

Step 2: Visiting the Buy Mode Catalog

Once you have unlocked the fireworks category, exit Build Mode and enter Buy Mode. Open the catalog and navigate to the “Entertainment” section. Here, you will find various items that can enhance your Sims’ leisure activities. Look for the fireworks icon or search for “fireworks” in the search bar to narrow down your options.

Step 3: Choosing the Perfect Fireworks

Upon finding the fireworks category, you will be presented with a range of options to choose from. The catalog will display different types of fireworks, each with its own unique visual effects and price. Take your time to browse through the selection and consider the occasion for which you are buying the fireworks. Some options may be more appropriate for celebrations like weddings, while others are better suited for larger gatherings.

Step 4: Checking Your Budget

Fireworks can vary in price, so it is essential to check your budget before making a purchase. You don’t want to overspend and leave your Sims struggling financially. Consider the cost of the fireworks and ensure it fits within your available funds. If necessary, you can always save up or wait until your Sims have earned more Simoleons to splurge on a grand display.

Step 5: Placing the Fireworks

After selecting the fireworks you wish to buy, it’s time to place them in your Sims’ environment. Choose a suitable location, such as an outdoor area with ample space for the fireworks to light up the sky. Click on the desired spot and confirm the placement of the fireworks. You can adjust their position later if needed.

Step 6: Activating the Fireworks

Once the fireworks are in place, it’s time to set them off. Click on the fireworks and select the “Light Fireworks” option. Your Sim will approach the fireworks and ignite them, triggering a dazzling display of colors and lights. Sit back and enjoy the spectacle as the fireworks light up the sky and create a mesmerizing atmosphere for your Sims and their friends.

Taking Fireworks to the Next Level

Now that you know the basics of buying and using fireworks in The Sims 4, let’s explore some additional tips and tricks to elevate your celebrations:

1. Mixing and Matching

Don’t be afraid to mix and match different types of fireworks to create a unique show. Experiment with various combinations to discover stunning visual effects that will wow your Sims and make their celebrations unforgettable.

2. Timing is Everything

Consider the timing of your fireworks show. If it’s a New Year’s Eve celebration, wait until midnight to set off the fireworks and ring in the new year with a bang. For other occasions, you can synchronize the fireworks with specific events, such as a Sim blowing out birthday candles or a couple exchanging wedding vows.

3. Theme-based Fireworks

For added immersion, choose fireworks that align with the theme of your event. If you’re hosting a tropical luau, opt for fireworks that resemble seashells or palm trees. For a spooky Halloween party, go for fireworks that create ghostly shapes or emit eerie colors.

4. Capturing the Moment

Take advantage of the in-game camera feature to capture stunning screenshots or videos of your Sims enjoying the fireworks. Share these moments with fellow Simmers or use them to create memorable montages that you can look back on in the future.


Buying fireworks in The Sims 4 is a fantastic way to add excitement and visual spectacle to your Sims’ celebrations. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can unlock and purchase a wide range of fireworks, allowing you to create breathtaking displays that will leave your Sims and their friends in awe. Remember to consider your budget, choose the perfect fireworks for the occasion, and let your creativity shine as you design captivating shows. Let the fireworks light up the sky and make your Sims’ special moments truly unforgettable!

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