How To Buy More Land In City Skylines

Expand Your City’s Horizons with More Land

City Skylines is a popular city simulation game that allows players to create and manage their own virtual metropolis. One of the challenges players often face is the limited amount of land available to build on. However, with a few strategic moves and careful planning, you can acquire more land and expand your city’s horizons. In this article, we will guide you through the process of buying more land in City Skylines, helping you grow your city to new heights.

1. Unlock New Areas

As you progress in the game, you will have the opportunity to unlock new areas for development. These areas are typically locked at the beginning and can be unlocked by meeting certain milestones, such as reaching a specific population or achieving a certain level of happiness among your citizens. Keep an eye on the milestones and work towards unlocking new areas to expand your city.

2. Utilize Zoning

Zoning is a crucial aspect of city planning in City Skylines. By designating different zones for residential, commercial, and industrial purposes, you can control the growth and development of your city. When strategically zoning your city, consider leaving some areas undeveloped initially. This will allow you to later expand into these areas when you need more land.

3. Increase Land Value

The value of land in City Skylines is influenced by various factors, such as nearby services, transportation options, and overall city aesthetics. By focusing on improving these aspects, you can increase the value of your existing land and make it more desirable for developers. As a result, you may receive offers to buy adjacent land, allowing you to expand your city’s boundaries.

4. Invest in Infrastructure

Investing in infrastructure is crucial for attracting new residents and businesses to your city. By building efficient transportation networks, providing reliable utilities, and offering quality public services, you can create a thriving city that is attractive to potential land sellers. As your city grows, more land opportunities may become available for purchase.

5. Participate in Auctions

In City Skylines, there are often auctions held for land parcels. Keep an eye on these events and participate in them to acquire additional land for your city. Make sure you have enough funds saved up to place competitive bids and secure the desired plots. Auctions can be a great way to expand your city quickly and efficiently.

6. Connect with Neighboring Cities

If you have neighboring cities in your game, consider establishing connections with them. Building connections through highways, railways, or even airports can open up opportunities for land expansion. Neighboring cities may be willing to sell or exchange land, allowing you to grow your city even further.

7. Utilize Mods and Custom Content

City Skylines has a vibrant modding community that creates custom content for the game. Some mods and custom assets allow you to expand the playable area, effectively giving you more land to build on. Explore the available mods and custom content and find ones that suit your gameplay style and goals.

8. Develop Land Reclamation Projects

In City Skylines, you have the ability to reclaim land from the water. This can be a great way to expand your available land area. By constructing dams, embankments, or even artificial islands, you can create new land for development. Keep in mind that land reclamation projects may require significant resources and careful planning.

9. Remove Natural Barriers

In some cases, natural barriers such as mountains, hills, or rivers may limit your city’s expansion. Consider removing or modifying these barriers to create more space for development. You can reshape the terrain using terraforming tools or even demolish natural features if they are not essential to your city’s aesthetics or functionality.

10. Plan for the Future

When designing your city, always keep future expansion in mind. Leave ample space between buildings and infrastructure to accommodate future growth. By planning ahead, you can avoid the need for major demolitions or restructuring when you eventually decide to expand your city’s boundaries.

In conclusion, expanding your city’s land area in City Skylines requires a combination of strategic planning, unlocking new areas, utilizing zoning, and investing in infrastructure. Additionally, participating in auctions, connecting with neighboring cities, utilizing mods and custom content, developing land reclamation projects, and removing natural barriers can further enhance your land acquisition efforts. With these tips in mind, you can successfully buy more land and watch your city flourish in this captivating simulation game.

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