How To Repair Your Car In Gta 5 Los Santos Customs


GTA 5 is a popular open-world game that offers players the opportunity to engage in various activities, including driving cars. However, as you navigate the streets of Los Santos, your car may inevitably sustain damage from crashes or gunfire. When this happens, you’ll need to repair your vehicle to ensure it stays in top shape. In this article, we will guide you through the process of repairing your car at Los Santos Customs, the go-to place for all your vehicle needs in GTA 5.

1. Locating Los Santos Customs

Los Santos Customs is conveniently located throughout the city and marked by a wrench icon on your in-game map. You’ll find these garages in popular areas such as Rockford Hills, Burton, and Sandy Shores. Approach the garage entrance and drive your damaged vehicle inside to initiate the repair process.

2. Choosing the Repair Option

Once inside Los Santos Customs, you’ll be greeted by a friendly mechanic who will offer various services. To repair your car, select the “Repair” option from the menu. This will initiate the repair process and restore your vehicle to its original condition.

3. Paying for the Repairs

Repairing your car in GTA 5 isn’t free, and the cost will depend on the extent of the damage. Be prepared to pay a nominal fee for the repairs. The mechanic will inform you of the total cost before proceeding. If you have enough funds, simply confirm the payment, and your vehicle will be repaired promptly.

4. Additional Services

While at Los Santos Customs, you can also take advantage of other services to enhance your vehicle. These include a respray to change your car’s color, customizing the engine, adding turbo for extra speed, and even upgrading the brakes for improved performance. Explore the various options available and customize your car to your liking.

5. Insurance and Recovering Lost Vehicles

If your car is severely damaged or destroyed, you may lose it permanently. However, by purchasing vehicle insurance in the game, you can ensure that your cars will be replaced should they go missing or get destroyed. This way, you won’t have to worry about losing your favorite ride in GTA 5.

6. Online Multiplayer Considerations

If you’re playing GTA 5 online, repairing your car at Los Santos Customs works slightly differently. When your vehicle is damaged, you can simply drive it into your personal garage or call your mechanic to have it repaired automatically. However, these repairs come at a cost, which will be deducted from your in-game bank balance.

7. Be Mindful of Police

While repairing your car at Los Santos Customs, it’s essential to be cautious of the police. If you enter the garage with a wanted level, the police may follow you inside. This can result in a shootout or even the destruction of your vehicle. Therefore, it’s advisable to lose your wanted level before seeking repairs to avoid any unwanted confrontations.

8. Repairing Stolen Cars

If you’ve managed to acquire a stolen vehicle, you can still repair it at Los Santos Customs. The process remains the same, and the mechanic won’t question the vehicle’s ownership. However, keep in mind that repairing stolen cars won’t remove their “hot” status, meaning the police can still identify them as stolen.

9. Using the Interaction Menu

In GTA 5, you can also repair your car using the Interaction Menu. Simply press and hold the designated button (depending on your gaming platform) to open the menu. Navigate to the “Vehicle” section and select “Repair Vehicle.” This method provides a quick and convenient way to repair your car without visiting Los Santos Customs.

10. Unlocking Vehicle Upgrades

As you progress through the game, you’ll unlock various vehicle upgrades, including performance enhancements and cosmetic modifications. These upgrades can be accessed at Los Santos Customs and allow you to personalize your cars further. Keep playing and completing missions to unlock these exciting upgrades.


Repairing your car at Los Santos Customs is an essential aspect of GTA 5, ensuring your vehicle remains in optimal condition. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can easily repair your car, customize it to your liking, and continue exploring the vast world of Los Santos. Remember to stay mindful of your surroundings, be prepared to pay for repairs, and have fun upgrading your vehicles to dominate the streets of GTA 5!

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