Why Does The Reverse Flash Hate The Flash


In the vast universe of superheroes, the Flash and the Reverse Flash stand out as two of the most iconic characters. The Flash, also known as Barry Allen, is a symbol of hope, justice, and heroism. On the other hand, the Reverse Flash, or Eobard Thawne, is a villain who shares a deep-rooted hatred for the Flash. But what exactly fuels this animosity? Let’s delve into the complex history between these two speedsters and explore the reasons behind the Reverse Flash’s intense hatred.

The Origins of the Reverse Flash

Eobard Thawne, a brilliant scientist from the 25th century, became obsessed with the Flash after discovering his identity and gaining super-speed powers. Fascinated by the Scarlet Speedster, Thawne idolized the Flash and even replicated his powers using advanced technology. However, Thawne soon became unhinged, developing an unhealthy fixation on the Flash that eventually consumed him.

Jealousy and Manipulation

As Thawne delved deeper into the Flash’s history, he grew envious of the profound impact the hero had on people’s lives. Thawne yearned for the adoration and respect that the Flash received, leading him down a path of darkness. Fueled by jealousy, the Reverse Flash set out to manipulate the timeline, tarnish the Flash’s legacy, and ultimately replace him as the one true hero.

A Twisted Obsession

The Reverse Flash’s obsession with the Flash reached new heights as he traveled back in time to meet his idol. However, upon meeting Barry Allen, Thawne’s twisted mind was shattered when he discovered that he was destined to become the Flash’s greatest enemy. This revelation only intensified his hatred, prompting him to dedicate his life to tormenting the Flash across time and space.

Identity Crisis

While the Flash embraces his role as a hero, the Reverse Flash sees himself as the hero, the true Flash. Thawne’s distorted perception of reality has led him to believe that he is the rightful owner of the Flash’s powers and legacy. His relentless pursuit to prove his superiority and replace the Flash has become the driving force behind his deep-seated hatred.

Endless Time Loops

The entangled relationship between the Flash and the Reverse Flash has resulted in numerous time loops and paradoxes. Thawne’s actions often lead to catastrophic consequences, forcing the Flash to repeatedly correct the timeline. This endless cycle of conflict and correction has only fueled the Reverse Flash’s resentment, solidifying his hatred for the Flash as a never-ending cycle of vengeance.

Psychological Warfare

The Reverse Flash’s hatred extends beyond physical confrontations; he also targets the Flash on a psychological level. Thawne takes pleasure in manipulating the Flash’s emotions, exploiting his vulnerabilities, and making him question his own identity and purpose. By attacking the Flash’s very essence, the Reverse Flash aims to break the hero’s spirit and prove his superiority.

Desire for Recognition

Beneath all the hatred, the Reverse Flash yearns for recognition. He seeks validation and acknowledgment from the Flash himself, desperately craving the hero’s acceptance and acknowledgement of his existence. However, this desire is twisted and distorted, leading Thawne to seek the Flash’s attention through acts of violence and destruction.

An Unending Rivalry

The Flash and the Reverse Flash share a unique bond, one of hero and villain, intertwined through time and destiny. Their rivalry is not merely about good versus evil, but about two individuals who are intrinsically connected. The Reverse Flash’s hatred is fueled by an obsession to prove himself superior to the Flash and to rewrite their intertwined destinies.

A Test of the Flash’s Resolve

Ultimately, the Reverse Flash’s deep-seated hatred serves as a constant test of the Flash’s resolve and determination. The hero must consistently rise above the pain, suffering, and manipulations inflicted upon him by his greatest enemy. The Reverse Flash’s hatred is an integral part of the Flash’s journey, molding him into the symbol of hope and perseverance that he represents.


The Reverse Flash’s hatred for the Flash stems from a combination of jealousy, manipulation, obsession, and a distorted perception of reality. Thawne’s relentless pursuit to replace the Flash and his desire for recognition have fueled their unending rivalry. As the Flash continues to overcome the challenges presented by the Reverse Flash, he grows stronger, embodying the qualities of a true hero. The complex relationship between these two speedsters serves as a reminder that even the greatest heroes are not immune to the darkness that exists within their adversaries.

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