Apex Legends Hitboxes In Season 10: A Comprehensive Guide

Understanding the Importance of Hitboxes

Apex Legends, the popular battle royale game developed by Respawn Entertainment, has seen numerous updates and changes since its release. Season 10, also known as “Emergence,” brings a plethora of new content and adjustments, including significant modifications to hitboxes. In this article, we will delve into the world of Apex Legends hitboxes in the latest season and explore their impact on gameplay.

What are Hitboxes?

Hitboxes, often referred to as “hit registration,” determine the area on a character model where incoming bullets or melee attacks can make contact. In Apex Legends, hitboxes play a crucial role in determining whether an attack successfully hits a target or not. Each legend has a unique hitbox, which can vary in size and shape based on their character design.

Season 10 Hitbox Adjustments

Season 10 introduces several adjustments to hitboxes, aiming to improve overall gameplay balance and fairness. Respawn Entertainment has carefully analyzed data and player feedback to make these changes. While hitbox adjustments are not uncommon in Apex Legends, the modifications in Season 10 are particularly noteworthy.

1. Pathfinder

Pathfinder, the beloved robotic legend known for his mobility, received a hitbox reduction in Season 10. This change aims to bring his hitbox more in line with other characters, making him less susceptible to taking damage. The adjustment seeks to level the playing field and reduce the advantage Pathfinder previously had due to his larger hitbox.

2. Gibraltar

Gibraltar, the fortified tank-like legend, has also undergone hitbox adjustments. In Season 10, his upper arms and legs have been slightly increased in size, making him easier to hit. This alteration balances out his previous advantage of having a smaller hitbox compared to his massive frame, ensuring fairer engagements.

3. Fuse

Fuse, the explosive-focused legend, has received a hitbox reduction in Season 10. This change aims to make him less vulnerable during combat, aligning his hitbox with other characters. The adjustment seeks to improve Fuse’s survivability and make him a more viable choice in the Apex Legends meta.

4. Lifeline

Lifeline, the combat medic legend, has undergone hitbox adjustments to improve her overall balance. While the specific details of the changes are not yet disclosed by Respawn Entertainment, the adjustments aim to make her hitbox more consistent with other legends, ensuring fairer engagements.

Impact on Gameplay

The hitbox adjustments in Season 10 have a significant impact on gameplay dynamics. With more balanced hitboxes, engagements between legends become fairer, as hit registration accurately represents the intended outcome. This allows players to rely more on their skills and strategy, rather than being heavily influenced by hitbox advantages.

Furthermore, the hitbox adjustments bring a breath of fresh air to the Apex Legends meta. As legends become more balanced in terms of hitboxes, players have more freedom to choose their favorite characters without worrying about potential disadvantages or advantages based solely on hitbox size.


Season 10 of Apex Legends introduces impactful hitbox adjustments, aiming to create a more balanced and enjoyable gaming experience. With modifications to hitboxes, legends like Pathfinder, Gibraltar, Fuse, and Lifeline are brought more in line with each other in terms of hitbox size and shape. This ensures fairer engagements and allows players to focus on their skills and strategy rather than relying on hitbox advantages. So, dive into Season 10 and explore the exciting changes to hitboxes in Apex Legends!

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