Apex Ranked Weapon Cosmetics In 2023


Apex Legends, the popular battle royale game, continues to captivate players with its intense gameplay and ever-expanding content. One of the aspects that keeps players engaged is the variety of weapon cosmetics available in the game. These cosmetics not only provide aesthetic appeal but also showcase a player’s skill and dedication. In this article, we will explore the ranked weapon cosmetics introduced in Apex Legends in 2023.

Seasonal Ranked Rewards

Each season in Apex Legends brings new challenges and rewards for players who participate in the ranked mode. In 2023, Respawn Entertainment introduced a plethora of weapon cosmetics exclusively for ranked players. These rewards are earned based on a player’s performance and rank at the end of the season.

Weapon Skins

Weapon skins are a popular type of cosmetic in Apex Legends. These skins change the appearance of a player’s weapon, giving it a unique and personalized touch. In 2023, the ranked weapon skins introduced in the game showcased intricate designs and vibrant colors. The higher a player’s rank, the more exclusive and visually appealing the weapon skins became.

Master Tier Rewards

The Master tier, the highest rank achievable in Apex Legends, offered players some of the most coveted weapon skins in 2023. These skins featured animated elements, such as glowing patterns or moving parts, making them highly sought after by collectors and skilled players alike.

Hop-Up Attachments

In addition to weapon skins, Apex Legends also introduced ranked-exclusive hop-up attachments in 2023. Hop-ups are attachments that modify a weapon’s behavior, providing unique advantages in combat. The ranked hop-up attachments had distinct visual effects, making them instantly recognizable on the battlefield.

Grandmaster Tier Exclusive

The Grandmaster tier, the pinnacle of Apex Legends’ ranked mode, offered players an exclusive hop-up attachment named “Vortex Amplifier.” This attachment enhanced the weapon’s fire rate and damage, giving players a significant advantage in intense firefights. Its unique visual effect, a swirling vortex around the weapon, made it both visually stunning and intimidating.

Charm and Banner Frames

Apart from weapon skins and hop-up attachments, Apex Legends introduced ranked-exclusive charms and banner frames in 2023. Charms are small ornaments that hang from a player’s weapon, while banner frames are decorative borders for a player’s banner. These cosmetics allowed players to further customize their loadout and showcase their achievements in the ranked mode.

Diamond Tier Charms

Players who reached the Diamond tier, a prestigious rank in Apex Legends, were rewarded with elegant charms featuring diamond-inspired designs. These charms sparkled in the sunlight, making them a symbol of a player’s skill and dedication.

Emotes and Quips

Emotes and quips are expressive animations and voice lines that allow players to communicate and celebrate in-game. In 2023, Apex Legends introduced ranked-exclusive emotes and quips, allowing players to flaunt their rank and achievements in style.

Apex Predator Quip

Apex Predator, the second-highest rank in the game, offered players a unique quip that they could use to taunt opponents or show off their accomplishment. This quip became a status symbol among Apex Legends players, as only the most skilled individuals could obtain it.


Apex Legends’ ranked weapon cosmetics in 2023 provided players with a wide range of visually stunning and exclusive rewards. From animated weapon skins to powerful hop-up attachments, these cosmetics allowed players to showcase their skill and dedication in the ranked mode. As the game continues to evolve, players can look forward to even more exciting and prestigious cosmetics in the future.

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