Genshin Impact: Artifact Substat Scaling

Genshin Impact: Artifact Substat Scaling

Understanding Artifact Substats

In Genshin Impact, artifacts play a crucial role in enhancing the abilities of your characters. Each artifact has its own set of substats that can greatly impact your character’s performance in battles. These substats can range from increasing attack power to boosting critical damage and elemental mastery.

The Importance of Substat Scaling

Artifact substat scaling refers to how these substats improve as your character levels up. It is important to understand how substats scale in order to maximize the potential of your artifacts and optimize your character’s build.

Base Substats and Scaling

Every artifact comes with a set of base substats that are fixed and do not change as your character levels up. However, these base substats can still be enhanced through upgrading and refining the artifact.

Scaling substats, on the other hand, are the substats that improve as your character levels up. These substats can provide significant boosts to your character’s overall stats and greatly impact their performance in combat.

Types of Scaling Substats

There are several types of scaling substats in Genshin Impact, each providing different benefits to your character:

1. Attack Percentage: This substat increases your character’s attack power by a certain percentage. It is particularly useful for damage-dealing characters.

2. Critical Rate and Critical Damage: These substats increase your character’s chance of landing critical hits and the damage dealt by critical hits, respectively. They are essential for characters who heavily rely on critical hits for damage.

3. Elemental Mastery: Elemental Mastery increases the damage of elemental reactions caused by your character. It is especially important for characters who frequently trigger elemental reactions.

4. Energy Recharge: Energy Recharge substat increases your character’s energy regeneration rate, allowing them to use their elemental burst more frequently.

Optimizing Substats

When building your character’s artifacts, it is important to consider the substats that best align with their playstyle and abilities. Here are some tips for optimizing substats:

1. Synergy with Abilities:

Choose substats that synergize well with your character’s abilities. For example, if your character relies on elemental reactions, prioritize elemental mastery and energy recharge substats.

2. Balance Offensive and Defensive Substats:

Avoid focusing solely on offensive substats. It is important to have a balance between offensive and defensive substats to ensure your character can both deal damage and survive in battles.

3. Refining and Upgrading:

Regularly upgrade and refine your artifacts to enhance their substats. This will further boost your character’s overall stats and improve their performance in battles.

4. Set Bonuses:

Consider the set bonuses provided by artifacts. These bonuses can greatly enhance your character’s abilities and provide additional substats.


Understanding artifact substat scaling is crucial for optimizing your character’s build in Genshin Impact. By choosing the right substats and regularly upgrading your artifacts, you can greatly enhance your character’s performance and dominate in battles.

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