Tmnt Mutant Madness Tier List

TMNT Mutant Madness Tier List

What is TMNT Mutant Madness?

TMNT Mutant Madness is a popular mobile game based on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise. It allows players to collect and upgrade their favorite turtle heroes and villains to battle against other players in various game modes. The game offers a wide range of characters, each with unique abilities and strengths.

Understanding the Tier List

In TMNT Mutant Madness, a tier list is a ranking system that categorizes characters based on their overall strength and effectiveness in different aspects of the game. The tier list helps players identify the most powerful and valuable characters to prioritize in their team compositions and strategies.


The S-Tier consists of the most powerful and versatile characters in TMNT Mutant Madness. These characters have exceptional abilities and synergies, making them essential in any team composition. They can dominate battles and carry the team to victory even in challenging game modes.


The A-Tier characters are also strong and valuable assets for the team. While not as dominant as the S-Tier characters, they possess unique abilities and synergies that can greatly contribute to the team’s success. These characters are recommended for players who aim for a well-balanced team composition.


The B-Tier characters are decent and can be useful in certain situations. They may lack the overall power and versatility of higher-tier characters, but they can still contribute to the team’s success when used strategically. These characters are often considered as alternatives or fillers in team compositions.


The C-Tier characters are generally weaker compared to higher-tier characters. They may have limitations or inconsistencies in their abilities, making them less reliable in battles. These characters are recommended for players who want to experiment or have a specific preference for certain characters, but they may struggle in competitive gameplay.


The D-Tier characters are the least powerful and effective in TMNT Mutant Madness. They often lack the necessary abilities, synergies, or stats to be competitive in battles. These characters are not recommended for players who aim for optimal performance, but they can still be used for casual play or for the enjoyment of using favorite characters.

Factors to Consider in the Tier List

When creating a tier list for TMNT Mutant Madness, several factors are taken into account:

Overall Power

The overall power of a character includes their base stats, abilities, and synergies. Characters with higher power tend to be more dominant in battles.


Versatility refers to a character’s ability to adapt and perform well in various game modes and situations. Characters with high versatility are valuable assets in any team composition.


Synergies are the interactions and combinations between characters that enhance their abilities or provide additional benefits. Characters with strong synergies can significantly impact the team’s performance.


Utility refers to a character’s additional functionalities or support abilities that can benefit the team. Characters with high utility can provide valuable assistance to their teammates.

Meta and Balance Updates

The tier list may evolve over time due to meta shifts and balance updates implemented by the game developers. New characters or changes to existing characters can significantly impact their placement in the tier list.


Understanding the tier list is essential for players of TMNT Mutant Madness. It helps in building optimal team compositions, devising effective strategies, and maximizing the chances of success in battles. However, it’s important to note that the tier list is not absolute, and personal playstyle and preferences can also influence character choices. Stay updated with the latest tier list to stay competitive in the ever-evolving world of TMNT Mutant Madness.

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