Elementalist Lux Skin Combos

Discover the Power of Elementalist Lux

If you are a League of Legends player, then you must be familiar with the iconic champion, Lux. Lux is known for her incredible versatility and ability to control the elements. Her Elementalist Lux skin takes her power to a whole new level, allowing players to choose between different elemental forms. In this article, we will explore the various skin combos available for Elementalist Lux in 2023.

Fire Form: The Inferno

When Lux transforms into her Fire Form, she becomes a force to be reckoned with. Her abilities gain a fiery touch, and her attacks leave a blazing trail behind. Combining the Fire Form with the Molten Chroma gives Lux a more intense and vibrant appearance, making her presence on the battlefield truly awe-inspiring.

Water Form: The Aqua Guardian

Elementalist Lux’s Water Form allows her to harness the power of the oceans. Her abilities take on a watery essence, leaving behind pools of water with each cast. The Sapphire Chroma enhances her Water Form, giving her a cool and refreshing look that perfectly complements her aquatic abilities.

Wind Form: The Airborne Tempest

Transforming into the Wind Form grants Lux the ability to control the air currents around her. Her abilities become gusts of wind, and she leaves a trail of swirling leaves and petals in her wake. The Zephyr Chroma enhances her Wind Form, giving her a vibrant and ethereal appearance that truly captures the essence of the wind.

Nature Form: The Verdant Blossom

As Elementalist Lux takes on her Nature Form, she becomes one with the earth. Her abilities emanate nature’s energy, causing flowers and vines to bloom wherever she goes. The Emerald Chroma enhances her Nature Form, giving her a lush and vibrant appearance that blends perfectly with her natural abilities.

Light Form: The Radiant Star

Lastly, we have Lux’s Light Form, the default form of the Elementalist Lux skin. In this form, Lux channels the purest form of light, illuminating the battlefield with her radiant presence. The Light Form is versatile and can be combined with various chromas to create unique color combinations that match your personal style.

Creating the Perfect Combo

Now that we have explored the different forms of Elementalist Lux, let’s delve into the art of creating the perfect skin combo. Combining different forms and chromas can result in a visually stunning and personalized look for your Lux. Here are a few skin combos that players have been loving in 2023:

1. The Fiery Ocean

Combine Lux’s Fire Form with the Sapphire Chroma from her Water Form for a mesmerizing blend of fire and water. The contrasting colors create a visually striking effect that is sure to turn heads on the battlefield.

2. The Whirling Storm

Mix Lux’s Wind Form with the Zephyr Chroma from her Wind Form to create a whirlwind of colors. The combination of vibrant blues and ethereal whites gives Lux an otherworldly appearance that perfectly matches her abilities.

3. The Blossoming Light

For a softer and more elegant look, combine Lux’s Nature Form with the Light Form chroma. The combination of lush greens and radiant whites creates a harmonious balance between nature and light.

4. The Elemental Fusion

If you can’t decide on just one form, why not combine them all? Experiment with different chromas from each form to create a truly unique and powerful look for your Elementalist Lux. Mix and match the colors to find the perfect combination that reflects your playstyle.


Elementalist Lux offers players an incredible range of skin combos to choose from. Whether you prefer the fiery inferno, the tranquil waters, the powerful winds, the vibrant nature, or the radiant light, there is a skin combo that suits your style. Experiment with different forms and chromas to create a look that is uniquely yours. So, step onto the battlefield with your Elementalist Lux and let your power shine!

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