Gwen League Of Legends Age

Gwen League of Legends Age – 2023

Who is Gwen?

Gwen is a champion in the popular online game League of Legends. She was released in April 2021 as a new addition to the game’s roster of champions. Gwen belongs to the fighter role and is known for her unique abilities and playstyle.

Age of Gwen

As of 2023, Gwen’s age remains unspecified in the game’s lore. League of Legends does not provide explicit details about the ages of its champions, focusing more on their backgrounds, abilities, and stories. Therefore, it is unknown how old Gwen is within the game’s universe.

Gwen’s Background

Gwen’s lore reveals that she was created by the famous champion, Viego. Viego, also known as the Ruined King, crafted Gwen as his wife using his dark magic. However, Gwen’s love for him quickly turned to fear and despair as she witnessed the horrors he inflicted upon the world. Determined to escape his control, Gwen used her needle and thread to sever the magical ties that bound her to Viego, claiming her independence.

Gwen’s Abilities

Gwen possesses several unique abilities that make her a formidable champion on the battlefield. Her passive ability, “Thousand Cuts,” empowers her basic attacks, dealing bonus magic damage based on her ability power. Additionally, Gwen’s Q ability, “Snip Snip!,” allows her to slash in a cone, damaging enemies and providing her with a stack of “Threaded Fates.”

Her W ability, “Hallowed Mist,” creates an area of mist that grants Gwen bonus armor and magic resistance while also slowing enemies who pass through it. Gwen’s E ability, “Skip ‘n Slash,” allows her to dash a short distance and enhance her basic attacks with bonus range and magic damage. Finally, her ultimate ability, “Needlework,” sends out a flurry of needles in a cone, damaging enemies and applying Gwen’s passive ability.

Gwen’s Impact on the Game

Gwen’s release in 2021 had a significant impact on the League of Legends community. Players eagerly anticipated her arrival, curious about her unique backstory and abilities. Many players found her playstyle enjoyable, thanks to her fast-paced and versatile kit.

Gwen’s strengths lie in her ability to deal sustained damage while also being able to sustain herself in fights. Her combination of high mobility, crowd control, and damage makes her a challenging champion to face in the hands of a skilled player. As a result, Gwen quickly became a popular pick in both casual and professional play.

Gwen’s Skins

In addition to her base appearance, Gwen also has several skins available for players to customize their in-game experience. Some of her notable skins include “Pool Party Gwen,” where she sports a summer-themed look, and “Sentinel Gwen,” which depicts her as a valiant protector. These skins allow players to showcase their individuality and style while playing as Gwen.


Gwen is a champion in League of Legends, released in April 2021. As of 2023, her age remains undisclosed within the game’s lore. Possessing unique abilities and a captivating backstory, Gwen quickly became a fan favorite. Her impact on the game is undeniable, and her popularity continues to grow among players worldwide. Whether you’re a League of Legends enthusiast or a curious newcomer, Gwen is a champion worth exploring and mastering on the Rift.

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