Support Tier List Season 11

The Importance of a Support Tier List

League of Legends, one of the most popular online multiplayer games, constantly undergoes changes with each new season. Season 11 is no exception, and players are eager to know which champions are currently dominating the support role. This is where a support tier list becomes invaluable. It provides players with a comprehensive ranking of the best support champions based on their strengths, weaknesses, and overall effectiveness in the current meta.

Understanding the Support Role

The support role in League of Legends is vital for a team’s success. A good support champion not only protects their AD carry but also provides crowd control, vision control, and utility to the team. The support’s primary responsibility is to assist their teammates and set them up for kills or objectives. With a strong support champion, a team can gain a significant advantage in the early laning phase and transition into a powerful force in team fights.

Top-Tier Support Champions

1. Thresh

Thresh has been a dominant force in the support role for several seasons now. His ability to engage, disengage, and provide utility makes him a top-tier support champion. His Q ability, Death Sentence, allows him to hook enemies, setting up kills for his team. Thresh’s lantern, Dark Passage, provides a shield and allows his teammates to escape dangerous situations. With his versatile kit, Thresh remains a must-pick for support mains.

2. Lulu

Lulu, a whimsical enchantress, has consistently been a strong pick in the support role. Her ability to protect and buff her teammates makes her invaluable in team fights. Lulu’s W ability, Whimsy, can turn an ally into a powerful initiator or provide a speed boost for an escape. Her ultimate, Wild Growth, grants a massive health boost to a targeted ally, turning the tides of a battle. Lulu’s versatility and utility make her an excellent choice for any team composition.

3. Leona

Leona, the Radiant Dawn, is a tanky support champion known for her crowd control abilities. Her E ability, Zenith Blade, allows her to engage and stun enemies, setting up kills for her team. Leona’s ultimate ability, Solar Flare, is a powerful AoE stun that can turn the tide of team fights. With her durability and lockdown potential, Leona is a force to be reckoned with in the support role.

Other Strong Support Picks

While the top-tier support champions dominate the meta, there are several other strong support picks worth considering:

4. Seraphine

Seraphine, the Starry-Eyed Songstress, is a versatile support champion with a focus on utility and crowd control. Her Q ability, High Note, deals damage and slows enemies, while her E ability, Beat Drop, roots enemies in place. Seraphine’s ultimate ability, Encore, charms enemies and provides a powerful AoE shield for her allies. Her musical abilities make her a valuable addition to any team composition.

5. Rakan

Rakan, the Charmer, is a highly mobile support champion capable of engaging and disengaging with ease. His Q ability, Gleaming Quill, heals allies and damages enemies, while his W ability, Grand Entrance, allows him to dash to an enemy and knock them up. Rakan’s ultimate ability, The Quickness, grants him a significant movement speed boost and charms enemies in his vicinity. With his agility and crowd control, Rakan is a solid choice for players who prefer an aggressive playstyle.

6. Janna

Janna, the Storm’s Fury, is a support champion focused on protecting and disengaging. Her E ability, Eye of the Storm, shields an ally and grants them bonus attack damage. Janna’s ultimate ability, Monsoon, heals allies and knocks back enemies in a wide area. With her ability to keep her teammates safe and provide utility, Janna is a reliable pick for players who prefer a defensive playstyle.


As Season 11 progresses, the support tier list may evolve as new patches and balance changes are introduced. It’s crucial for players to stay updated on the current meta and understand which support champions are performing well. Whether you prefer the aggressive engage of Thresh or the protective utility of Janna, choosing a strong support champion can greatly impact your team’s success in League of Legends. So, study the tier list, experiment with different champions, and find the support playstyle that suits you best!

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