How To Buy Etisalat Data With Recharge Card

Choosing the Right Recharge Card

Etisalat, one of the leading telecommunications companies in the world, offers a convenient way to purchase data using recharge cards. If you’re an Etisalat user and want to know how to buy data with a recharge card, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we will walk you through the step-by-step process of buying Etisalat data using a recharge card.

Step 1: Check Your Balance

Before purchasing data with a recharge card, it’s important to check your current balance. Dial *121# on your Etisalat line to access your account balance. Make sure you have enough credit to cover the cost of the data plan you wish to purchase.

Step 2: Scratch the Recharge Card

Once you have confirmed that you have sufficient balance, locate an Etisalat recharge card. Gently scratch off the silver panel on the back of the card to reveal the 15-digit PIN.

Step 3: Dial the Recharge Code

Now, using your Etisalat line, dial *222*PIN# and press the call button. Replace “PIN” with the 15-digit PIN you revealed from scratching the recharge card. Wait for a confirmation message from Etisalat stating that your recharge was successful.

Step 4: Access the Data Menu

After recharging, navigate to your phone’s dialer and dial *200#. This will open the Etisalat menu on your device. From the menu options, select the data option to proceed to the data menu.

Step 5: Choose a Data Plan

Once you’re in the data menu, you will be presented with a list of available data plans. Each plan will have different data allowances and validity periods. Choose the plan that best suits your needs by entering the corresponding number or code.

Step 6: Confirm Your Selection

After selecting a data plan, you will be prompted to confirm your choice. Carefully review the details of the plan, including the data allowance, validity period, and price. If you’re satisfied, confirm your selection by entering the provided code.

Step 7: Enjoy Your Data

Once your selection is confirmed, Etisalat will deduct the cost of the data plan from your account balance, and you will receive a confirmation message with details of your purchase. Your data plan will be activated immediately, and you can start enjoying fast and reliable internet access on your Etisalat line.

Tips and Tricks

Check for Promotions

Etisalat often runs promotional offers on data plans, providing additional data or special discounts. Before purchasing a data plan, check if there are any ongoing promotions that could give you more value for your money.


If you frequently use data and don’t want to go through the process of manually purchasing a data plan every time, consider enabling auto-renewal. This will automatically renew your data plan at the end of each validity period, ensuring uninterrupted internet access.

Monitor Your Data Usage

Keep track of your data usage to avoid unexpected charges or running out of data. Most smartphones have built-in data tracking features that allow you to monitor your usage. Additionally, Etisalat provides a self-service portal where you can check your data balance at any time.


Buying Etisalat data with a recharge card is a straightforward process that can be done in a few simple steps. By following this guide, you can easily purchase data on your Etisalat line and stay connected to the digital world. Remember to check your balance, choose the right recharge card, and select a data plan that suits your needs. Enjoy seamless internet access with Etisalat and make the most out of your data!

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