How To Exit A Game On Steam Deck In Desktop Mode


The Steam Deck, released in 2023, has revolutionized portable gaming. One of its standout features is the ability to switch between handheld and desktop modes seamlessly. While playing games in desktop mode, you might wonder how to exit a game on the Steam Deck. In this article, we will guide you through the simple steps to exit a game and return to the main desktop interface.

Step 1: Accessing the Steam Overlay

To exit a game on the Steam Deck, you need to bring up the Steam Overlay. While playing the game, press the Steam button located at the center of the device. This will open the Steam Overlay, providing you with various options and features.

Step 2: Navigating the Steam Overlay

Once the Steam Overlay is open, you can navigate through its different sections using the D-pad or the thumbsticks. The sections include your Friends List, Chat, Web Browser, Library, and more. Locate and select the “Library” section using the D-pad or the thumbsticks.

Step 3: Exiting the Game

In the Library section of the Steam Overlay, you will find a list of all the games in your Steam library. Use the D-pad or the thumbsticks to select the game you are currently playing. Once you have selected the game, press the A or X button to open its options menu.

Step 4: Closing the Game

Within the options menu, you will see several choices, including “Play,” “Properties,” and “Exit.” Navigate to the “Exit” option using the D-pad or the thumbsticks, and press the A or X button to confirm your selection. This will close the game and take you back to the main desktop interface.

Step 5: Returning to the Desktop Interface

Once you have exited the game, you will find yourself back in the main desktop interface of the Steam Deck. From here, you can access other applications, browse the web, or launch another game. The desktop mode offers a familiar PC experience, allowing you to multitask and customize your gaming setup.


Exiting a game on the Steam Deck in desktop mode is a straightforward process. By accessing the Steam Overlay, navigating to the Library section, selecting the game, and choosing the “Exit” option, you can easily close the game and return to the main desktop interface. The flexibility of the Steam Deck allows for seamless transitions between gaming and other activities, making it a versatile device for gaming enthusiasts. Experience the freedom and convenience of the Steam Deck while enjoying your favorite games.

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