How To Hook A Car In Gta 5 Pc

Getting Started

GTA 5 is a popular open-world game that allows players to explore a vast virtual city and engage in various activities, including driving cars. One of the exciting features of the game is the ability to hook and tow vehicles using a tow truck. This allows players to transport cars to different locations or even use them as weapons during intense gameplay. In this article, we will guide you on how to hook a car in GTA 5 PC, providing step-by-step instructions and tips to enhance your gaming experience.

Step 1: Find a Tow Truck

The first step in hooking a car in GTA 5 PC is to locate a tow truck. These vehicles can be found in specific locations throughout the game world, such as near parking lots, construction sites, or even on the side of the road. Keep an eye out for these distinctive vehicles, which are equipped with a hook and a flatbed trailer.

Step 2: Approach the Tow Truck

Once you have found a tow truck, approach it and get close to the driver’s side door. Press the appropriate button to enter the vehicle, which may vary depending on your keyboard or controller settings. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the controls for the tow truck, as they will be essential for successfully hooking a car.

Step 3: Activate the Hook

With the tow truck now under your control, it’s time to activate the hook. Look for a prompt on your screen indicating the button to press. This will vary depending on your platform and settings. Press the designated button to lower the hook and prepare it for attaching to a car.

Step 4: Find a Car to Hook

Once the hook is activated, you can start searching for a car to hook. Look for vehicles in the vicinity that you wish to tow or use strategically during gameplay. Keep in mind that not all cars can be hooked, so experiment with different vehicle types to see which ones are compatible.

Step 5: Position the Tow Truck

Position the tow truck in front of the car you want to hook. Ensure that the hook is aligned with the car’s rear bumper or any other designated hooking point. Take your time to maneuver the tow truck into the correct position, as accuracy is crucial for a successful hook.

Step 6: Attach the Hook

Once the tow truck is properly positioned, approach the car’s rear bumper or hooking point. Look for a prompt on your screen indicating the button to press for attaching the hook. Press the designated button to activate the hook and secure it to the car.

Step 7: Begin Towing

With the hook successfully attached, you can now begin towing the car. Slowly accelerate the tow truck while maintaining control to prevent the car from becoming detached or causing damage. Be mindful of obstacles and other vehicles on the road to ensure a smooth towing experience.

Step 8: Drive to Your Desired Location

Once the car is securely hooked, you can drive to your desired location. Whether you need to transport the car to a specific mission objective or simply want to park it safely, carefully navigate the tow truck through the city streets to reach your destination.

Step 9: Release the Car

When you have reached your desired location, it’s time to release the car. Look for a prompt on your screen indicating the button to press for releasing the hook. Press the designated button to detach the car from the tow truck, allowing it to be freely driven or utilized for gameplay purposes.

Tips for Successful Car Hooking

Now that you know the basic steps for hooking a car in GTA 5 PC, here are some additional tips to enhance your experience:

1. Experiment with Different Cars

Not all cars in GTA 5 PC can be hooked, so try out different vehicle types to see which ones are compatible. Sports cars, sedans, and SUVs are commonly hookable, while larger trucks and emergency vehicles may pose a challenge.

2. Practice Hooking and Towing

Hooking and towing cars in GTA 5 PC requires precise control and maneuvering. Take the time to practice in open spaces or less populated areas before attempting complex maneuvers or during intense gameplay situations.

3. Be Mindful of Other Players

GTA 5 PC features an online multiplayer mode, where other players may be driving around the city. Exercise caution when towing cars in multiplayer, as collisions or aggressive actions from other players may disrupt your towing operations.

4. Use Towed Cars Strategically

Towed cars can be used strategically during gameplay. For example, you can use them to block off roads, create obstacles for pursuing enemies, or even as makeshift battering rams. Explore creative ways to utilize towed cars to your advantage.

5. Explore the City

GTA 5 PC offers a vast and detailed city to explore. Take the opportunity to drive around and discover hidden areas, unique landmarks, and exciting missions while towing cars. Enjoy the immersive experience of being a tow truck driver in this virtual world.


Hooking a car in GTA 5 PC adds a new dimension to the gameplay, allowing you to transport vehicles or use them strategically during intense missions. By following the step-by-step instructions provided in this article, you can easily master the art of car hooking and enhance your gaming experience. Remember to practice, explore different vehicle types, and have fun as you navigate the virtual city with your trusty tow truck.

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