How To Wheelie A Car In Gta 5 Pc

Mastering the Art of Wheelies

GTA 5, the popular open-world game, offers players a myriad of exciting activities, including the ability to perform wheelies with cars. Wheelies are not only fun but also a great way to show off your skills to other players. In this guide, we will take you through the steps to master the art of wheelies in GTA 5 PC.

Choosing the Right Vehicle

Before attempting a wheelie, it is crucial to choose the right vehicle. Some cars are better suited for wheelies than others. Look for cars with high horsepower and rear-wheel drive. These types of vehicles provide the necessary power and traction to perform successful wheelies. Examples of suitable cars include the Bravado Banshee 900R, Vapid Dominator, and Declasse Sabre Turbo.

Preparing Your Vehicle

Once you’ve selected the ideal car, it’s time to prepare it for a wheelie. Head to a Los Santos Customs shop and upgrade your vehicle’s engine. Investing in engine upgrades will significantly increase your car’s horsepower, making it easier to pop wheelies. Additionally, consider installing a spoiler to improve the car’s stability during wheelies.

Building Speed

Before attempting a wheelie, make sure you have enough space to build up speed. Find a long stretch of road or a highway where you can accelerate without any obstacles. Building speed is essential as it determines the success and duration of your wheelie.

Executing the Wheelie

Now that you have the right car and adequate speed, it’s time to execute the wheelie. Begin by accelerating in a straight line and reaching a high speed. Once you’ve built enough momentum, quickly pull back on the controller’s left joystick or press the designated wheelie button (check your key bindings) to lift the front wheels off the ground.

Keep in mind that timing is crucial when performing a wheelie. Pulling back too early or too late can result in a failed attempt. Practice is key, so don’t get discouraged if you don’t succeed right away.

Mastering the Balance

Once the front wheels are in the air, you’ll need to maintain the balance of the car to sustain the wheelie. Use the controller’s left joystick or the designated controls to adjust the angle of the car. Tilt it back slightly to prevent the car from flipping over, but be careful not to tilt it too far, as it may cause the car to lose balance and crash.

Lengthening the Wheelie

If you want to extend the duration of your wheelie, you can control the throttle to keep the front wheels in the air for a longer time. Slightly release the accelerator to reduce the engine’s power and allow the car to stay in a balanced position. Experiment with different throttle control techniques to find the perfect balance and maximize your wheelie time.

Perfecting Your Technique

Like any skill, mastering the art of wheelies in GTA 5 PC requires practice. Spend time honing your technique and familiarizing yourself with different cars’ behavior during wheelies. Each vehicle may handle differently, so understanding their dynamics will play a crucial role in your success.

Adding Style to Your Wheelies

Once you’ve mastered the basics of wheelies, why not add some style to your stunts? Experiment with different locations, such as ramps and stunt jumps, to perform jaw-dropping wheelies. You can also try combining other tricks, such as spins or flips, to impress your friends and fellow players.


Performing wheelies in GTA 5 PC is a thrilling experience that allows you to showcase your skills and creativity. By choosing the right vehicle, preparing it accordingly, and practicing the techniques outlined in this guide, you’ll be able to master the art of wheelies in no time. So, hop in your favorite car, hit the road, and let the wheelies begin!

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