How To Unlock Cars In Need For Speed Hot Pursuit


Need for Speed Hot Pursuit is an exhilarating racing game that offers players the chance to experience high-speed chases and intense police pursuits. One of the key elements of the game is unlocking new cars to enhance your gameplay experience. In this article, we will guide you through the process of unlocking cars in Need for Speed Hot Pursuit, providing you with the necessary information to expand your car collection and dominate the streets.

1. Progressing through the Career Mode

The primary way to unlock cars in Need for Speed Hot Pursuit is by progressing through the Career Mode. As you complete races and objectives, you will earn Bounty points, which can be used to unlock new cars. The more races you win and challenges you conquer, the faster you will accumulate Bounty points, allowing you to unlock higher-tier vehicles.

2. Completing Race Events

Race events are a crucial part of the Career Mode in Need for Speed Hot Pursuit. By participating in races and finishing in top positions, you will earn both Bounty points and experience points. The higher your position, the more points you will receive. Focus on dominating the races to accumulate enough points to unlock new cars.

3. Pursuit Events

In addition to race events, Pursuit events are another significant aspect of the Career Mode. Engaging in intense police chases and successfully evading the authorities will reward you with Bounty points. The longer you can evade the police and the more damage you inflict on them, the higher the points you will receive. Make use of your driving skills and strategic maneuvers to unlock new cars through Pursuit events.

4. Achieving Milestones

Throughout your journey in Need for Speed Hot Pursuit, you will come across various milestones. These milestones can be achieved by accomplishing specific objectives or reaching certain levels of progression in the game. Achieving milestones will not only provide you with a sense of accomplishment but also unlock new cars as rewards.

5. Using the Autolog Feature

The Autolog feature in Need for Speed Hot Pursuit allows you to connect and compete with friends online. By challenging your friends or other players and outperforming them in races and events, you can earn additional Bounty points. Utilize the Autolog feature to its fullest extent to unlock cars and showcase your racing skills.

6. Purchasing Cars with Bounty Points

Once you have accumulated a sufficient amount of Bounty points, you can visit the Car Dealer and use your points to purchase new cars. The Car Dealer offers a wide selection of vehicles, ranging from sports cars to high-performance supercars. Choose the car that suits your racing style and spend your hard-earned Bounty points wisely.

7. Unlocking Cars through DLCs

Aside from the cars available in the base game, additional cars can be unlocked through downloadable content (DLCs). Keep an eye out for any DLCs released for Need for Speed Hot Pursuit, as they often introduce new cars and expand the game’s vehicle roster. Purchase and install the DLCs to access the exclusive cars they offer.

8. Completing Challenges

Challenges are special objectives and tasks that can be completed to earn additional rewards in Need for Speed Hot Pursuit. These challenges may include performing specific driving maneuvers, winning races with certain restrictions, or achieving high speeds. By successfully completing challenges, you can unlock unique cars that are not available through other means.


Unlocking cars in Need for Speed Hot Pursuit is an exciting and rewarding experience. Whether you prefer dominating races or engaging in thrilling police pursuits, there are various avenues to unlock new cars and expand your collection. Progress through the Career Mode, achieve milestones, utilize the Autolog feature, and complete challenges to unlock a wide range of vehicles. With each new car, you enhance your chances of victory and elevate your status as a top racer in Need for Speed Hot Pursuit.

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