How To Buy A Car In Nfs Most Wanted

Unlocking New Cars

In NFS Most Wanted, buying a new car is an essential step towards becoming the ultimate street racer. As you progress through the game, you’ll have the opportunity to unlock and purchase a wide range of vehicles. However, before you can buy a car, you must first unlock it by defeating the rival racer who drives it. Each car has its unique set of challenges and requirements that you must meet to unlock it.

Defeating Rival Racers

Defeating rival racers is no easy task, but with the right strategy and skill, you can emerge victorious. To challenge a rival, you need to find and defeat them in a race. These races are marked on the map with special icons, indicating the rival and the type of race. Once you defeat a rival, their car becomes available for purchase.

Earning Speed Points

Speed Points are the currency used in NFS Most Wanted to buy cars and upgrades. You earn Speed Points by winning races, completing challenges, and evading the police. The more races you win and challenges you complete, the more Speed Points you’ll accumulate. You can use these points to buy new cars and upgrade your existing ones.

Visiting Car Dealerships

Once you’ve unlocked a new car and have enough Speed Points, it’s time to visit the car dealership. In the game, car dealerships are scattered throughout the city, and each dealership specializes in specific types of vehicles. You can find exotic sports cars, muscle cars, and even high-performance SUVs.

Choosing the Right Car

When selecting a car, it’s essential to consider your racing style and the type of races you’ll be participating in. Some cars excel in speed, while others offer better handling or off-road capabilities. Take your time to research and test-drive different cars to find the one that suits your needs and preferences.

Customizing Your Car

Once you’ve purchased a car, you can customize it to make it truly unique. NFS Most Wanted offers a wide range of customization options, including body kits, paint jobs, decals, and performance upgrades. Experiment with different combinations to create a car that reflects your style and gives you a competitive edge on the streets.

Winning Races and Evading the Police

In NFS Most Wanted, winning races and evading the police are crucial for earning Speed Points and progressing through the game. Participate in various race events, such as sprint races, circuit races, and drag races, to prove your skills and earn rewards. However, be cautious of the police, as they will actively pursue you during illegal races. Use your driving skills and power-ups to outmaneuver them and make a clean getaway.

Upgrading Your Car

As you earn more Speed Points, consider upgrading your car to enhance its performance. Upgrades include engine modifications, nitrous systems, suspension improvements, and more. These upgrades will give you an edge in races and help you stay ahead of your rivals.

Unlocking Most Wanted Cars

In addition to the regular cars available for purchase, NFS Most Wanted features a list of “Most Wanted” cars. These cars are the most powerful and sought-after vehicles in the game. To unlock them, you must defeat the corresponding Most Wanted racer in a thrilling chase. Once you defeat a Most Wanted racer, their car becomes available for purchase.

Becoming the Most Wanted

The ultimate goal in NFS Most Wanted is to become the most wanted street racer in the city. To achieve this, you must defeat all the rival racers, unlock all the cars, and dominate the race events. As you climb up the blacklist, the challenges become tougher, but the rewards become greater. With determination, skill, and the right set of wheels, you can reach the top of the blacklist and become the most wanted.


Buying a car in NFS Most Wanted is an exciting and essential part of the game. Unlocking new cars, visiting dealerships, and customizing your ride add depth and personalization to your racing experience. Winning races, evading the police, and upgrading your car will help you climb the blacklist and become the most wanted street racer in the city. So, start your engines, choose your car wisely, and unleash your skills on the streets!

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