How To Use Dota Plus Hero Chat Wheel In 2023


With the advancements in technology and gaming, Dota 2 has become a popular game among players worldwide. To enhance the gaming experience, Valve Corporation introduced Dota Plus, a subscription-based service that offers various features and perks to players. One of the exciting features of Dota Plus is the Hero Chat Wheel, which allows players to communicate with their teammates using predefined phrases and sounds. In this article, we will explore how to effectively use the Dota Plus Hero Chat Wheel to improve your gameplay and coordination with your team.

Understanding the Hero Chat Wheel

The Hero Chat Wheel is a tool that enables players to quickly convey important messages or instructions to their team during a Dota 2 match. It consists of a variety of pre-recorded voice lines and text messages that are specific to each hero. These messages can be activated using hotkeys or through the Chat Wheel menu, making it easy to communicate without typing or interrupting gameplay. The Hero Chat Wheel messages are categorized into different sections, such as Abilities, Items, and Strategy, allowing for quick access to relevant phrases.

Customizing Your Chat Wheel

Dota Plus subscribers have the option to customize their Hero Chat Wheel according to their preferences. By opening the Dota Plus menu, you can select the “Hero Chat Wheel” tab and choose which voice lines and text messages you want to include in your Chat Wheel. This customization feature allows you to prioritize the phrases that are most useful and relevant to your playstyle and hero selection.

Strategic Usage of Hero Chat Wheel

The Hero Chat Wheel can be an invaluable tool for improving communication and coordination within your team. Here are some strategic ways to utilize the Hero Chat Wheel effectively:

1. Conveying Important Information

During the heat of battle, it may not be feasible to type out instructions or important information to your team. The Hero Chat Wheel provides a quick and efficient way to communicate crucial details such as enemy positions, missing heroes, or impending danger. By selecting the appropriate voice line or text message, you can instantly alert your team without diverting your attention from the game.

2. Coordinating Abilities and Combos

In Dota 2, effective coordination of abilities and combos can turn the tide of a battle. The Hero Chat Wheel offers specific phrases that can be used to coordinate your team’s abilities and initiate powerful combos. For example, as an initiator hero, you can use the Hero Chat Wheel to signal your team to follow up with their crowd control abilities or ultimate spells, resulting in a devastating teamfight.

3. Requesting Assistance or Resources

There are situations in Dota 2 where you might require assistance from your teammates, such as healing, protection, or the sharing of consumable items. Instead of typing out a request or relying on voice chat, the Hero Chat Wheel provides convenient options to ask for help. By selecting the appropriate voice line or text message, you can quickly notify your team about your needs, ensuring a faster response time.

4. Celebrating Achievements or Team Success

Positive reinforcement and celebrating team achievements can boost morale and enhance team spirit. The Hero Chat Wheel offers a range of voice lines and text messages that can be used to congratulate your team on successful plays, kills, or objectives. By acknowledging your teammates’ efforts, you create a positive gaming environment, fostering better teamwork and cooperation.


The Dota Plus Hero Chat Wheel is a valuable tool that enhances communication and coordination within a team. By utilizing the pre-recorded voice lines and text messages, players can convey important information, coordinate abilities, request assistance, and celebrate achievements effectively. As a Dota Plus subscriber, take advantage of the customization options to personalize your Hero Chat Wheel and optimize your gameplay experience. With the Hero Chat Wheel at your disposal, you can elevate your Dota 2 gameplay and achieve greater success in the competitive world of Dota 2.

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