Raid Shadow Legends Team Builder – Master Your Strategy In Battle

Unlock the Power of the Right Team Composition

In Raid Shadow Legends, team composition plays a crucial role in determining your success in battles. Assemble a well-balanced team and unleash their full potential to conquer the challenging dungeons and defeat powerful bosses. Whether you’re a veteran player or just starting your journey, understanding the intricacies of team building is essential. In this guide, we’ll explore the fundamental aspects of team building and provide you with valuable tips to optimize your strategy.

Understanding Roles: Tanks, Damage Dealers, and Supports

Each champion in Raid Shadow Legends belongs to one of three primary roles: tanks, damage dealers, or supports. Tanks are durable champions who can absorb damage and protect the rest of the team. Damage dealers specialize in dealing high amounts of damage to enemies. Supports excel at providing buffs, healing, or crowd control effects to aid the team. A well-rounded team typically consists of a mix of these roles to ensure survivability and damage output.

Synergy and Faction Bonuses

Building a team with champions from the same faction not only enhances the visual appeal but also provides faction bonuses. These bonuses can significantly boost the overall performance of your team. Additionally, certain champions have unique abilities that synergize well with specific allies. Pay attention to these synergies and aim to create a team where the champions’ abilities complement each other.

Building Your Team: Factors to Consider

Game Mode and Dungeon Specifics

When building a team, consider the game mode and specific dungeon you’ll be tackling. Different dungeons have varying enemy compositions, strengths, and weaknesses. Tailor your team composition to exploit the weaknesses of the dungeon’s enemies while minimizing vulnerability to their strengths. Analyze the dungeon’s mechanics and adjust your team accordingly to optimize your chances of success.

Champion Rarity and Rank

The rarity and rank of your champions play a vital role in their effectiveness. Higher rarity champions generally have better base stats and more powerful skills. Additionally, ranking up your champions increases their stats and unlocks new abilities. Prioritize investing in higher rarity champions and consistently work towards ranking them up to maximize their potential.

Artifacts and Gear Optimization

Equipping your champions with the right artifacts and gear is crucial for improving their performance in battles. Artifacts provide additional stat bonuses and special effects, while gear enhances their primary stats. Experiment with different combinations of artifacts and gear to find the optimal setup for each champion. Remember to upgrade and enhance your artifacts and gear to further enhance their effectiveness.

Skills and Ability Upgrades

Each champion possesses unique skills and abilities. Invest in upgrading these skills to unlock their full potential. Prioritize upgrading abilities that synergize well with your team composition and the game mode you’re focusing on. Additionally, consider the turn order of your team and the cooldowns of their abilities to ensure effective skill rotation during battles.

Popular Team Compositions and Strategies

Speed-Based Teams

Speed-based teams focus on maximizing the turn advantage by having champions with high speed stats. These teams aim to overwhelm the enemies with multiple turns before they can react. Speed-based teams often include champions with abilities that decrease enemy turn meters and boost their own team’s turn meters. This strategy is effective in PvP battles and dungeons where speed is crucial.

Debuff and Crowd Control Teams

Debuff and crowd control teams aim to control the battlefield by applying various debuffs and crowd control effects to the enemy team. These teams often include champions with skills that apply strong debuffs such as defense down, weaken, or provoke. Crowd control effects like stun, freeze, or sleep can incapacitate enemies, giving your team a significant advantage. This strategy is particularly effective against bosses and in dungeons with waves of enemies.

Damage Over Time (DoT) Teams

DoT teams focus on applying damage over time effects to the enemy team. Champions with skills that apply powerful DoT effects can quickly whittle down the enemy’s health over time, regardless of their defenses. Pairing these champions with supports who can extend the duration of debuffs or increase their damage can be devastating. This strategy is effective against enemies with high defenses or in battles where prolonged encounters are expected.


Mastering team building in Raid Shadow Legends is an ongoing process that requires careful analysis, experimentation, and adaptation. Consider the roles, synergies, and faction bonuses of your champions when assembling a team. Tailor your team composition to the specific game mode and dungeon you’re tackling. Invest in upgrading your champions’ skills, equipping them with optimal artifacts and gear, and strategically utilizing their abilities. By following these guidelines and exploring different team compositions and strategies, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a formidable force in Raid Shadow Legends.

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