Last Cloudia Locked Chests

What are Locked Chests in Last Cloudia?

In the popular mobile game Last Cloudia, locked chests are special treasure chests that require a key to open. These chests contain valuable items, equipment, and resources that can greatly enhance your gameplay experience. Locked chests are found throughout the game world, and players must collect keys to unlock them and reap the rewards within.

Types of Locked Chests

Last Cloudia features various types of locked chests, each offering different rewards and challenges. Here are some of the most common types you may encounter:

Silver Chests

Silver chests are the most basic type of locked chest in Last Cloudia. They can be found in different locations, such as dungeons, exploration maps, and event stages. Silver chests contain a variety of rewards, including crafting materials, upgrade items, and sometimes even rare equipment.

Gold Chests

Gold chests are rarer and more valuable than silver chests. They are usually found in more challenging areas of the game, such as high-level dungeons or during limited-time events. Gold chests contain better rewards, including higher-tier equipment, powerful abilities, and rare resources that can be used for character progression.

Event Chests

During special events or collaborations, Last Cloudia introduces unique event chests. These chests are often themed around the event and offer exclusive rewards related to the event’s content. Event chests may contain event-specific equipment, characters, or other limited-time items that can only be obtained during the event period.

Obtaining Keys

To unlock locked chests in Last Cloudia, players need to collect keys. There are several ways to obtain keys:

Exploration and Quest Rewards

Keys can be obtained as rewards for completing various quests and exploration missions. These rewards are often given for completing specific objectives or reaching certain milestones in the game. Always keep an eye out for missions that offer keys as rewards, as they can significantly boost your chances of unlocking valuable chests.

Shop and In-Game Purchases

Keys can also be purchased from the in-game shop using the game’s currency or through special offers. While this may be a quicker way to obtain keys, keep in mind that it involves spending real or in-game currency, depending on the purchase options available.

Event Rewards

During limited-time events or collaborations, Last Cloudia often rewards players with keys for participating in event activities. These events may include special stages, challenges, or missions that grant keys upon completion. Make sure to take advantage of these events to maximize your key collection.

Tips for Unlocking Locked Chests

Here are some tips to help you make the most of your locked chests in Last Cloudia:

Prioritize Gold Chests

If you have limited keys, prioritize unlocking gold chests over silver chests. Gold chests generally contain better rewards, including higher-tier equipment and rare resources that can greatly enhance your gameplay progress.

Save Keys for Events

If you know that a special event or collaboration is coming up, it’s a good idea to save your keys for that event. Event chests often offer exclusive rewards that can’t be obtained elsewhere, so having a good stockpile of keys can give you an advantage during these limited-time events.

Upgrade Your Key Capacity

In Last Cloudia, you have a limited inventory space for keys. Consider upgrading your key capacity using in-game resources or currency to ensure you can collect and store more keys. This way, you won’t miss out on any valuable chests due to a full inventory.

Join a Community

Joining a Last Cloudia community, such as a forum or social media group, can provide valuable tips and insights from experienced players. They may share information about the locations of rare chests or strategies to maximize your chest rewards. Collaborating with other players can enhance your gameplay experience and help you unlock the best rewards from locked chests.


Locked chests in Last Cloudia offer exciting rewards and challenges for players. By collecting keys and strategically unlocking these chests, you can obtain valuable items, equipment, and resources that will enhance your gameplay progress. Prioritize gold chests, save keys for events, upgrade your key capacity, and join a community to make the most of your locked chest rewards. Happy unlocking!

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