Summoners Glory Tier List 2023: The Ultimate Ranking Guide


Welcome to the ultimate Summoners Glory Tier List for the year 2023! In this comprehensive guide, we will be ranking and discussing the top heroes in the game. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting out, this tier list will provide you with valuable insights and help you build a formidable team. So, let’s dive in and explore the heroes that deserve a spot in your roster!

SS Tier: The Powerhouses

In this tier, we have the cream of the crop – the heroes who dominate the battlefield and can turn the tides of any battle. These heroes possess exceptional skills, high damage output, and incredible survivability. If you manage to acquire any of them, consider yourself lucky and make them the cornerstone of your team.

Leading the pack is the enigmatic and agile assassin, Shadowblade. With lightning-fast attacks and the ability to disappear into thin air, Shadowblade is a nightmare for any opponent. Next up is Blaze, the fiery mage who rains down destruction upon enemies from a distance. His devastating AoE spells can decimate entire teams in seconds.

Joining these powerhouses is Luna, the divine archer. Her precision and deadly arrows make her a force to be reckoned with, especially in PvP battles. Additionally, we have Titan, the colossal tank who can absorb massive amounts of damage while dealing punishing blows to enemies.

S Tier: The Reliable Choices

In the S Tier, we have heroes who may not possess the same overwhelming power as the SS Tier heroes, but they are still incredibly reliable and can carry your team to victory. These heroes have a balanced set of skills and can fit well into various team compositions.

First on this list is Sol, the versatile mage. With a wide array of spells, Sol can adapt to any situation and provide excellent damage output. Another noteworthy hero is Frost, the ice-cold assassin. His ability to freeze enemies in their tracks and deal critical damage makes him a valuable asset.

Not to be overlooked is Aurora, the supportive healer. Her ability to restore health and provide buffs to her allies can turn the tide of battle. Lastly, we have Valkyrie, the agile warrior who excels at both offense and defense. Her swift strikes and defensive maneuvers make her a formidable opponent.

A Tier: The Specialists

The A Tier heroes possess unique abilities that make them specialists in their respective roles. While they may not be as versatile as the heroes in the higher tiers, they excel in specific scenarios and can be invaluable assets in the right team composition.

Starting off, we have Nova, the stealthy rogue. Her ability to sneak behind enemy lines and assassinate key targets is unmatched. Another specialist is Ignis, the master of fire. His fire-based spells deal massive damage and can burn through enemy defenses.

Next, we have Celeste, the celestial sorceress. Her ability to manipulate cosmic energy and unleash devastating spells makes her a force to be reckoned with. Finally, we have Atlas, the mighty tank. With incredible durability and the ability to control the battlefield, Atlas can protect his team and disrupt the enemy’s strategies.

B Tier: The Hidden Gems

While the heroes in the B Tier may not be as popular as their higher-tier counterparts, they still have their own unique strengths and can be valuable additions to your team. These heroes may require more strategic planning and team coordination to maximize their potential.

Leading the B Tier is Mirage, the illusionist. With her ability to confuse enemies and create decoys, Mirage can distract opponents and turn the tide of battle. Next up is Gale, the wind mage. His control over the elements and ability to manipulate the battlefield make him a valuable asset.

Additionally, we have Zephyr, the swift archer. Her lightning-fast attacks and mobility make her a deadly opponent. Finally, we have Volt, the electric warrior. With his ability to harness electricity and deal massive AoE damage, Volt can electrify the battlefield.


And there you have it, the Summoners Glory Tier List for 2023! Remember, this tier list is a guideline, and the best team composition ultimately depends on your playstyle and strategy. Experiment with different heroes, synergies, and tactics to find what works best for you. Good luck on your journey, summoner, and may your heroes lead you to victory!

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