Maplestory Reboot Gear Progression In 2023

What is MapleStory Reboot?

MapleStory Reboot is a server in the popular MMORPG game MapleStory that offers a unique gameplay experience. Unlike other servers, the Reboot server eliminates the use of real money transactions (RMT) and instead focuses on a more traditional grinding and progression system.

Understanding Gear Progression

Gear progression in MapleStory Reboot is a crucial aspect of the game that determines your character’s strength and ability to defeat powerful enemies. As you progress through the game, you’ll acquire better gear to enhance your stats and increase your overall damage output.

Early Game Gear

At the start of your MapleStory Reboot journey, you’ll rely on basic gear drops from monsters. These early game items will provide you with some stat boosts and help you defeat weaker enemies. It’s important to focus on leveling up and completing quests to obtain better gear.

Mid Game Gear

As you progress further into MapleStory Reboot, you’ll need to acquire more powerful gear to tackle tougher challenges. This includes obtaining equipment from various sources such as boss drops, crafting, and trading with other players. Prioritize obtaining gear with high base stats and potential for additional enhancements.

End Game Gear

Reaching the end game in MapleStory Reboot requires obtaining top-tier gear to take on the most difficult bosses and content. This includes gear such as Arcane, Absolab, and AbsoLab-Engraved. Obtaining these items may require defeating high-level bosses, participating in events, or trading with other players.

Enhancing Gear

Enhancing your gear is an essential part of MapleStory Reboot’s gear progression. Enhancements improve your gear’s stats, making you stronger in combat. You can enhance your gear by using various enhancement scrolls, spell traces, and cubes. Each enhancement attempt carries a risk of failure, so it’s important to be strategic and use protective items like Innocence Scrolls to prevent your gear from being destroyed.

Star Force Enhancement

One common method of enhancing gear in MapleStory Reboot is through Star Force Enhancement. This system allows you to increase the star level of your equipment, granting additional stats. However, enhancing gear through Star Force carries a risk of potential destruction, especially at higher star levels. It’s important to use safeguarding scrolls to protect your gear from being destroyed during enhancement attempts.

Potential and Bonus Potential

Another way to enhance your gear is by using cubes to reveal its potential and bonus potential. Potential lines on your gear provide additional stat boosts, while bonus potential lines offer even more powerful enhancements. Aim to obtain gear with desirable potential lines and bonus potential lines to maximize your character’s strength.

Acquiring Mesos

In MapleStory Reboot, mesos serve as the primary currency for purchasing gear, items, and enhancements. Acquiring mesos is essential for progressing your gear. You can obtain mesos by defeating monsters, completing quests, participating in events, and trading with other players. It’s important to efficiently farm mesos to afford the gear upgrades you need.

Joining a Guild

Joining a guild in MapleStory Reboot can greatly benefit your gear progression. Guilds often have high-level players who can offer guidance, assistance, and even carry you through difficult boss fights. Additionally, guilds may provide access to exclusive guild shops where you can purchase powerful gear and enhancements.


MapleStory Reboot’s gear progression system offers a challenging and rewarding gameplay experience. From early game gear drops to obtaining top-tier end game gear, each step in the progression journey requires dedication and strategy. Enhancing your gear, acquiring mesos, and joining a guild are all important aspects of achieving success in MapleStory Reboot. So gear up, enhance your equipment, and embark on an epic adventure in the world of MapleStory!

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