Dr. Strange Build In Marvel Future Revolution

The Sorcerer Supreme: Dr. Strange

Marvel Future Revolution, the highly anticipated mobile game, allows players to take on the role of their favorite Marvel superheroes. Among the vast roster of characters, Dr. Strange stands out as one of the most powerful and versatile heroes. With his mastery of the mystic arts, Dr. Strange is capable of dealing devastating damage to his enemies while providing essential support to his teammates. In this article, we will explore the optimal build for Dr. Strange in Marvel Future Revolution.

Primary Stats and Abilities

Before diving into the build, it is crucial to understand Dr. Strange’s primary stats and abilities. As a ranged character, his main focus is Intelligence, which increases his overall damage output. Additionally, Energy Attack and Critical Rate are vital stats to prioritize as they enhance his abilities’ potency and likelihood of landing a critical hit.

Dr. Strange possesses a wide array of abilities that synergize well with his primary stats. His basic attack, “Bolt of the Vishanti,” deals energy damage to a single target. His first ability, “Seven Rings of Raggadorr,” summons mystic rings that pierce through enemies, while his second ability, “Vapors of Valtorr,” creates an area of effect damage around him. Lastly, his ultimate ability, “Eye of Agamotto,” unleashes a devastating blast that damages enemies in a cone-shaped area.

Optimal Gear and ISO-8 Set

When it comes to selecting gear for Dr. Strange, the aim is to maximize his Intelligence, Energy Attack, and Critical Rate. Look for gear with these primary stats, along with secondary stats that further enhance his damage output. Additionally, prioritize gear with cooldown reduction to ensure his abilities are always available.

For the ISO-8 set, the ideal choice for Dr. Strange is the “Overdrive” set. This set boosts Energy Attack, Critical Rate, and Critical Damage, further amplifying his already formidable abilities. Make sure to equip ISO-8 crystals that complement these stats, such as Energy Attack and Critical Rate crystals.

Uniform and Costume Options

Dr. Strange has several uniform and costume options in Marvel Future Revolution. Each uniform provides unique bonuses and enhancements to his abilities. Currently, the “Sorcerer Supreme” uniform is the best choice for Dr. Strange, as it increases his Energy Attack and Critical Rate, enhancing his damage output. Additionally, it improves the potency of his ultimate ability, “Eye of Agamotto.”

Synergy and Team Composition

Dr. Strange’s abilities synergize well with various heroes in Marvel Future Revolution. When forming a team, consider including heroes that can provide crowd control or tanking capabilities. Characters like Spider-Man, Captain America, and Black Widow can complement Dr. Strange’s playstyle by immobilizing enemies or drawing aggro away from him.

Playstyle and Rotation

Dr. Strange excels in dealing damage from a distance while providing support to his team. In combat, prioritize using “Seven Rings of Raggadorr” and “Vapors of Valtorr” to deal area of effect damage to multiple enemies. Use his basic attack, “Bolt of the Vishanti,” to chip away at the health of single targets. Save his ultimate ability, “Eye of Agamotto,” for crucial moments, such as boss encounters or when facing a large group of enemies.

Remember to utilize Dr. Strange’s teleportation ability, “Mystic Step,” to reposition yourself strategically during fights. This allows you to avoid incoming attacks and maintain a safe distance while dealing damage.


Dr. Strange is undoubtedly a powerhouse in Marvel Future Revolution, capable of dealing immense damage and providing valuable support to his team. By focusing on Intelligence, Energy Attack, and Critical Rate, along with the optimal gear, ISO-8 set, and uniform, players can maximize Dr. Strange’s potential. Additionally, selecting teammates that synergize well with his abilities further enhances his effectiveness on the battlefield. Master the mystic arts and unleash chaos as the Sorcerer Supreme in Marvel Future Revolution!

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