Alien Fireteam Elite Demolisher Build


The Demolisher class in Alien Fireteam Elite is a formidable force to be reckoned with. With access to heavy weapons and explosive ordnance, the Demolisher excels at dealing massive damage to hordes of Xenomorphs. In this article, we will explore the optimal Demolisher build for maximum effectiveness in combat.


The primary weapon of choice for a Demolisher is the Auto Shotgun. With its high rate of fire and spread, it is perfect for clearing out groups of enemies at close range. The secondary weapon should be the Combat Pistol for dealing with individual targets or when ammunition for the Auto Shotgun runs low.


For the Auto Shotgun, the ideal attachments are the Recoil Compensator and Extended Magazine. The Recoil Compensator reduces recoil, allowing for more accurate shots, while the Extended Magazine increases ammunition capacity, ensuring you can keep firing without needing to reload as frequently.

For the Combat Pistol, the Laser Sight and Suppressor attachments are recommended. The Laser Sight improves accuracy, especially when firing from the hip, while the Suppressor reduces noise, making it easier to take out enemies stealthily.


When it comes to perks, the following are highly recommended for a Demolisher:

1. Demolition Expert

This perk increases explosive damage by 25%, making your grenades and other explosive weapons even deadlier.

2. Resilience

Resilience increases your maximum health by 25%, allowing you to withstand more damage from enemy attacks.

3. Heavy Hitter

Heavy Hitter increases your melee damage by 50%, making your melee attacks a force to be reckoned with.

4. Ammo Hoarder

Ammo Hoarder increases your ammunition capacity for all weapons by 25%, ensuring you have enough firepower to last through intense encounters.

Class Mods

Class mods further enhance your Demolisher build by providing additional bonuses. The following are recommended class mods:

1. Explosive Specialist

This class mod increases your explosive damage by 15% and reduces the cooldown of your grenade ability by 20%, allowing you to unleash devastating explosions more frequently.

2. Close Quarters Specialist

Close Quarters Specialist increases your shotgun damage by 15% and reduces the spread of your shotgun pellets, making your Auto Shotgun even deadlier at close range.


As a Demolisher, your role is to deal massive damage and clear out groups of enemies. Stick to close-quarters combat, utilizing your Auto Shotgun to mow down Xenomorphs. Use your grenades strategically to thin out large groups or take down tougher enemies.

Make sure to communicate with your team and coordinate your attacks. The Demolisher’s high damage output can quickly turn the tide of battle, but teamwork is crucial for success.


The Demolisher build in Alien Fireteam Elite is a force to be reckoned with. By equipping the right weapons, attachments, perks, and class mods, you can become a devastating powerhouse on the battlefield. Remember to communicate with your team and coordinate your attacks for maximum effectiveness. Good luck, and happy hunting!

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