Engineer Loadout: Mastering Risk Of Rain 2 In 2023

Unleash Your Inner Engineer

Since its release, Risk of Rain 2 has captivated gamers with its fast-paced action, challenging gameplay, and unique character classes. One such class is the Engineer, a master of technology and gadgets. In this article, we will delve into the Engineer loadout, exploring the best skills, items, and strategies to dominate the game in 2023.

The Engineer’s Arsenal

The Engineer brings a variety of powerful tools to the battlefield. Their primary attack, the Bouncing Grenades, allows you to rain explosive mayhem upon your foes. This versatile skill is perfect for dealing with groups of enemies or focusing on a single target.

Another essential skill in the Engineer’s arsenal is the Pressure Mines. These deadly traps can be strategically placed to cover entrances, chokepoints, or objectives. The damage they deal is devastating, making them an excellent defensive option.

The Power of Turrets

However, the true strength of the Engineer lies in their ability to deploy automated turrets. These trusty companions will fight by your side, targeting enemies and providing much-needed support. The Engineer can deploy up to two turrets, making them a formidable force in any battle.

The first turret you unlock is the Blast Turret. This turret excels at dealing massive damage to individual targets, making it perfect for bosses or tougher enemies. Its shots can pierce through multiple foes, ensuring no enemy is safe from its wrath.

As you progress and unlock more items, you will gain access to the second turret, the Tesla Coil. This electrical powerhouse dishes out damage over time, making it ideal for clearing crowds or stunning enemies. The Tesla Coil’s shock effect can also spread to nearby foes, creating a devastating chain reaction.

Mastering the Engineer Loadout

Now that we understand the Engineer’s skills and arsenal, let’s dive into the best loadout to maximize their potential. As with any character in Risk of Rain 2, items play a crucial role in shaping your playstyle and enhancing your abilities.

Top Tier Items for the Engineer

1. Monster Tooth: This healing item is a must-have for the Engineer. Its passive effect restores health whenever you kill an enemy, ensuring you stay in the fight for longer.

2. Personal Shield Generator: As an Engineer, survivability is key. The Personal Shield Generator provides a shield that regenerates over time, granting you an extra layer of defense.

3. Hardlight Afterburner: This item reduces the cooldown of your Engineer skills, allowing you to deploy turrets and use abilities more frequently. With reduced cooldowns, you can rain down destruction upon your enemies without hesitation.

4. Ghor’s Tome: This item gives you a chance to gain a temporary barrier upon killing an enemy. The additional shielding provides extra protection during intense battles, giving you the upper hand.

Strategy and Tips for Success

1. Positioning: As an Engineer, it’s crucial to position yourself strategically. Take advantage of your turrets to control areas and create a safe zone for yourself. Use your Pressure Mines to cover your back and prevent enemies from sneaking up on you.

2. Stay Mobile: While the Engineer may not be the most agile class, it’s important to keep moving. Constantly reposition yourself to avoid enemy attacks and maximize your damage output. Remember to utilize your Bouncing Grenades to hit enemies from afar while staying on the move.

3. Upgrade Wisely: As you progress through the game, be mindful of which items you choose to pick up. Look for items that synergize well with the Engineer’s skills and playstyle. Prioritize items that enhance your survivability and damage output.


The Engineer loadout in Risk of Rain 2 offers a unique and rewarding gameplay experience. With their explosive arsenal and trusty turrets, the Engineer is a force to be reckoned with. By mastering their skills, equipping the right items, and employing strategic tactics, you can dominate the game in 2023 and beyond. So gear up, embrace your inner engineer, and conquer the challenging world of Risk of Rain 2!

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