Sonicfox Mk11 Tier List: The Ultimate Guide For Competitive Players In 2023

Mastering Mortal Kombat 11 with SonicFox’s Tier List

Mortal Kombat 11 (MK11) continues to dominate the fighting game scene, and competitive players are always on the lookout for strategies and character choices that give them the edge. When it comes to MK11, few players are as revered as SonicFox. As a professional gamer and multiple-time EVO champion, SonicFox’s insights and tier lists are highly valued by the community.

What is a Tier List?

For those new to the concept, a tier list ranks characters based on their effectiveness and viability in competitive play. It helps players understand which characters are currently considered the strongest and which ones may require more skill or effort to succeed with. SonicFox’s tier list is particularly sought after due to their vast experience and success in the game.

SonicFox’s MK11 Tier List for 2023

As we enter 2023, SonicFox has once again shared their updated MK11 tier list. Keep in mind that tier lists are subjective and can change over time as the meta evolves. However, these rankings will provide you with valuable insights and a solid starting point for your character selection.

S-Tier: The Powerhouses

In SonicFox’s tier list, S-Tier characters are the cream of the crop, boasting incredible power and versatility. Currently, these are the characters you should consider if you’re looking for an advantage in competitive play:

1. Erron Black – Known for his exceptional zoning abilities and mix-up potential, Erron Black sits comfortably at the top of the S-Tier.

2. Sonya Blade – Sonya Blade’s mix of high-damage combos and fast-paced gameplay make her a force to be reckoned with.

3. Sub-Zero – Sub-Zero is a master of freezing his opponents, allowing for devastating combo opportunities.

A-Tier: Solid Choices

In the A-Tier, you’ll find characters who may lack the dominance of the S-Tier, but are still viable options in competitive play:

1. Liu Kang – Liu Kang’s fast-paced attacks and strong combo potential make him a popular choice among players.

2. Shang Tsung – Shang Tsung’s ability to morph into other characters gives him a unique advantage and adaptability.

3. Cetrion – Cetrion’s elemental powers and long-range attacks make her a formidable opponent in the right hands.

B-Tier: Balanced Choices

Characters in the B-Tier are considered well-balanced but may require more skill to achieve success:

1. Jade – Jade’s exceptional range and zoning capabilities allow players to control the pace of the fight.

2. Johnny Cage – Johnny Cage’s mix-ups and mind games can catch opponents off guard, but precise execution is crucial.

3. Kotal Kahn – Kotal Kahn excels in close-range combat and possesses powerful grabs and punishing strikes.

C-Tier: Challenging Choices

C-Tier characters may require a higher skill level or specific strategies to compete effectively:

1. D’Vorah – D’Vorah’s unique moveset and set-ups can be difficult to master, but skilled players can unleash her true potential.

2. Frost – Frost’s versatile toolkit can catch opponents off guard, but her lack of dominant traits makes her a challenging pick.

3. Kabal – Kabal’s speed and combo potential are his strengths, but players need to be mindful of his limited range.


SonicFox’s MK11 tier list provides valuable guidance for competitive players in 2023. Remember, while tier lists offer insights into character effectiveness, individual skill, playstyle, and personal preference also play significant roles in success. Experiment with different characters, find your playstyle, and always strive to improve your skills. May you conquer the Mortal Kombat 11 arena and achieve victory!

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