How Much To Buy Every Game On Steam In 2023

Steam, the popular digital distribution platform developed by Valve Corporation, offers a vast library of games for players to explore and enjoy. With thousands of titles available, it’s natural to wonder how much it would cost to purchase every game on Steam. In this article, we will delve into this intriguing question and provide you with some insights into the potential cost of owning every game on the platform.

The Extensive Game Library on Steam

Steam boasts an extensive game library, encompassing various genres and catering to a wide range of gaming preferences. From action-packed shooters to immersive role-playing adventures, there is something for everyone. With new games constantly being added, it can be challenging to keep up with the ever-expanding collection.

Calculating the Total Cost

Estimating the cost of buying every game on Steam is a complex task. The platform offers games at different price points, ranging from free-to-play titles to premium AAA releases. Additionally, there are frequent sales and discounts that further complicate the calculation. However, we can provide a rough estimate to give you an idea of the potential cost.

Number of Games on Steam

As of 2023, Steam has over 30,000 games in its library. This number includes both paid and free games. To calculate the total cost, we need to consider the average price of games on Steam and multiply it by the total number of titles.

Average Game Price on Steam

The average price of games on Steam can vary significantly. While there are many affordable indie games available for under $10, there are also high-profile releases that can cost upwards of $60. To arrive at a reasonable estimate, let’s assume an average game price of $20.

Calculating the Cost

Multiplying the average game price by the number of games on Steam gives us an estimated total cost. In this case, $20 multiplied by 30,000 equals $600,000. This figure represents the potential cost of buying every game on Steam at the assumed average price point.

Factors Affecting the Total Cost

It’s important to note that the estimated cost of owning every game on Steam can vary based on several factors. These factors include:

1. Sales and Discounts: Steam frequently offers sales and discounts on games, allowing players to purchase titles at significantly lower prices. Taking advantage of these promotions can significantly reduce the overall cost.

2. Free-to-Play and Freeware Games: Steam also features a wide selection of free-to-play games and freeware titles. While these games don’t contribute to the estimated cost, they enrich the overall gaming experience on the platform.

3. Game Bundles: Steam often offers game bundles, which include multiple titles at a discounted price. These bundles can provide substantial savings compared to purchasing each game individually.


While it may not be feasible for the average gamer to buy every game on Steam, it’s fascinating to consider the potential cost. With over 30,000 games in its library, the platform offers an extensive collection that caters to diverse gaming interests. By taking advantage of sales, discounts, and free-to-play titles, players can explore a multitude of games without breaking the bank. So, whether you’re a casual gamer or a dedicated enthusiast, Steam offers a treasure trove of gaming experiences waiting to be discovered.

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