How To Hide Games On Steam From Friends In 2023


Steam is a popular digital distribution platform for video games, where gamers can connect with friends, share achievements, and discover new titles. However, there may be times when you want to keep your gaming activities private from your friends. In this article, we will guide you on how to hide games on Steam from your friends in 2023.

Why Hide Games on Steam?

There can be various reasons why you might want to hide games on Steam from your friends. Perhaps you want to surprise them with a new game you’re playing, or maybe you prefer to keep your gaming habits private. Whatever the reason, Steam provides options to hide games from your friends’ view.

Step 1: Open Steam Client

To begin, launch the Steam client on your computer. Ensure that you are logged into your Steam account.

Step 2: Go to your Profile

Once the Steam client is open, click on your profile name located at the top right corner of the window. This will open your profile page.

Step 3: Access Edit Profile

On your profile page, locate the “Edit Profile” button and click on it. This will take you to the profile customization settings.

Step 4: Privacy Settings

In the profile customization settings, navigate to the “Privacy Settings” tab. This is where you can control who can see your gaming activity.

Step 5: Game Details

Under the “Privacy Settings” tab, you will find the “Game Details” section. Click on the drop-down menu next to “Who can see your game details?” to reveal the options.

Step 6: Choose Privacy Level

There are three privacy levels you can choose from:

1. Public: Your gaming activity is visible to everyone.

2. Friends Only: Only your friends can see your gaming activity.

3. Private: Your gaming activity is hidden from everyone.

Step 7: Hide Games

To hide specific games from your friends, you can use the “Hidden” feature in Steam. This allows you to keep certain games completely private, even if your overall gaming activity is visible.

Step 8: Access Hidden Games

To access the “Hidden” feature, go back to the Steam client and click on the “Library” tab located at the top of the window. From the drop-down menu, select “Hidden” to view your hidden games.

Step 9: Manage Hidden Games

In the “Hidden” section of your library, you can manage your hidden games. Right-click on a hidden game and select “Remove from Hidden” if you want it to be visible again to your friends.

Step 10: Choose Hidden Games Wisely

It’s important to choose which games you hide from your friends wisely. Consider the impact of hiding certain games, as it may raise suspicions or curiosity among your friends.

Step 11: Hidden Game Activity

When a game is hidden, your friends will not be able to see any related activity, such as achievements or playtime, on their own Steam profiles.

Step 12: Privacy Settings for Individual Games

If you want to hide specific game details for certain titles, you can do so by adjusting the privacy settings for individual games. This allows you to have more control over what your friends can see.

Step 13: Access Game Properties

To modify the privacy settings for individual games, right-click on the desired game in your library and select “Properties” from the drop-down menu.

Step 14: Privacy Tab

In the “Properties” window, navigate to the “Privacy” tab. This tab contains options to control the visibility of your game activity for that specific title.

Step 15: Choose Privacy Options

Under the “Privacy” tab, you can choose from three privacy options for the selected game:

1. Public: Your game activity is visible to everyone.

2. Friends Only: Only your friends can see your game activity.

3. Private: Your game activity for that specific title is hidden from everyone.

Step 16: Apply and Save

After selecting the desired privacy option, click on the “Apply” or “Save” button to save your changes. These settings will only affect the selected game and not your overall privacy settings.

Step 17: Communicate with Friends

It’s important to communicate with your friends if you choose to hide games on Steam. They might wonder about your sudden change in gaming activity, and being open about your preferences can avoid misunderstandings.

Step 18: Respect Privacy Boundaries

While it’s your choice to hide games on Steam, it’s essential to respect the privacy boundaries of others. If a friend has chosen to hide their gaming activity, don’t try to pry or pressure them into revealing their hidden games.

Step 19: Reveal Games to Friends

If you decide to reveal your hidden games to your friends, you can simply remove them from the “Hidden” section of your library. This will make them visible to others again.

Step 20: Enjoy Your Privacy

By following these steps, you can maintain your privacy on Steam and have control over what games your friends can see. Remember to regularly review and update your privacy settings based on your preferences.

In conclusion, hiding games on Steam from your friends in 2023 is a straightforward process. With the privacy options available, you can enjoy your gaming experiences without worrying about unwanted attention or judgment from others. Happy gaming!

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