How To Save Car In Gta 5 Story Mode

How to Save Car in GTA 5 Story Mode


GTA 5 is an incredibly popular video game with a vast open-world environment that allows players to explore and complete missions. One exciting aspect of the game is the ability to own and customize various vehicles, from sports cars to motorcycles. However, knowing how to save your favorite cars in GTA 5 story mode can be crucial, as it prevents them from disappearing or being lost. In this article, we will guide you through the steps on how to save your cars in GTA 5 story mode.

1. Purchasing a Garage

The first step in saving cars is to purchase a garage. Garages can be bought in various locations throughout the game, and they serve as a safe haven for your vehicles. Once you have a garage, you can store your cars there, ensuring their safety and availability whenever you return.

2. Locating a Desired Vehicle

Before saving a car, you need to find the one you want. You can either steal vehicles from the streets or purchase them from car dealerships. Once you have your desired vehicle, make sure it is in good condition and suitable for saving.

3. Driving the Vehicle to Your Garage

Now that you have your chosen car, drive it to your garage carefully. Avoid damaging the vehicle, as this can lead to its loss or degradation. Take note of the garage’s location, as you will need to return to it later.

4. Parking the Vehicle in Your Garage

Once you reach the garage location, park the car inside. Ensure that you park it correctly within the designated space to prevent any issues later on. Some garages may have limited space, so it’s essential to manage your vehicle collection accordingly.

5. Exiting the Vehicle

After parking the car in your garage, exit the vehicle and leave the garage. This action will trigger an autosave, ensuring that your progress is recorded and that the car remains in the garage even if the game is turned off.

6. Retrieving Your Saved Vehicle

To access your saved car, return to the garage where it was stored. You can either travel there directly or use the game’s fast travel system if available. Once you arrive, you will find your vehicle waiting for you, ready to be driven or customized.

7. Customizing Your Saved Vehicle

One of the exciting features of GTA 5 is the ability to customize your cars. From paint jobs to performance upgrades, you can personalize your vehicles to suit your style. To customize a saved car, enter the garage and interact with the appropriate options.

8. Saving the Game Progress

It is crucial to save your game progress regularly to avoid losing any changes or vehicles. Use the game’s save feature to record your progress after successfully storing or customizing your car in the garage. This step ensures that your efforts are not wasted if the game crashes or if you need to take a break.

9. Managing Your Vehicle Collection

As you progress through the game, you may acquire more cars than your garage can hold. In such cases, you will need to decide which vehicles to keep and which to discard. Consider selling or replacing less desirable cars to make room for new additions.

10. Using Specialized Garages

Aside from regular garages, GTA 5 story mode also offers specialized garages that can store specific types of vehicles, such as aircraft or high-end cars. These garages often have unique features and customization options, making them ideal for those who want to focus on a particular vehicle class.


Knowing how to save cars in GTA 5 story mode is essential for every player. By purchasing a garage, carefully parking your vehicle, and saving your game progress, you can ensure that your favorite cars remain safe and accessible throughout your gaming experience. Customizing your cars and managing your vehicle collection further enhances the enjoyment of this immersive open-world game. So, get out there, explore, and save your dream cars in GTA 5 story mode!

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