How To Use Flying Dinosaurs In Lego Jurassic World

Creating an Epic Lego Jurassic World Experience

Lego Jurassic World sets have become incredibly popular among both kids and adults. The ability to build and play with dinosaurs is a dream come true for many fans of the franchise. While the standard Lego sets offer plenty of excitement, incorporating flying dinosaurs into your Lego Jurassic World collection takes the experience to a whole new level. In this article, we will explore how you can use flying dinosaurs in your Lego Jurassic World creations.

Choosing the Right Flying Dinosaurs

The first step is to select the flying dinosaurs you want to incorporate into your Lego Jurassic World. There are several options available, including the Pteranodon, Quetzalcoatlus, and Dimorphodon. Each dinosaur has its unique characteristics and features, so choose the ones that appeal to you the most.

Once you have selected your flying dinosaurs, you can either purchase them individually or look for Lego Jurassic World sets that include flying dinosaurs. The sets often come with additional features, such as mini-figures and vehicles, which add more excitement to your Lego creations.

Building the Perfect Lego Jurassic World Environment

The next step is to create a suitable environment for your flying dinosaurs. You can build a Lego landscape that mimics the Jurassic World setting, complete with lush vegetation, mountains, and a flowing river. This will provide a realistic backdrop for your flying dinosaurs to soar through.

Consider adding a Lego helipad or a control tower to your Jurassic World environment. This will give your flying dinosaurs a place to take off and land, adding to the overall playability of your Lego creation.

Creating Epic Flying Dinosaur Encounters

Designing Exciting Dinosaur Chases

One of the most thrilling aspects of incorporating flying dinosaurs into your Lego Jurassic World creations is the opportunity to design epic dinosaur chases. Create scenarios where the flying dinosaurs are chasing after ground-based dinosaurs or even humans. This will add an extra element of excitement and adventure to your playtime.

Build obstacles and traps for the flying dinosaurs to navigate around, such as rocky cliffs or dense forests. This will make the chase scenes more challenging and engaging.

Constructing Aerial Dinosaur Battles

Another exciting aspect of using flying dinosaurs in your Lego Jurassic World is the ability to stage aerial battles. Create scenarios where the flying dinosaurs engage in epic battles with other flying dinosaurs or even enemy helicopters. Use Lego projectiles or attach mini-figures to the flying dinosaurs for added action.

Make sure to design a Lego arena or battleground for the aerial battles. This can include platforms, towers, or even a volcano to add a dramatic touch to the battles.

Enhancing Your Lego Jurassic World Experience

Exploring Expansion Packs

Consider exploring Lego Jurassic World expansion packs to add even more flying dinosaurs to your collection. These packs often include exclusive dinosaurs and accessories that can enhance your Lego Jurassic World experience.

Expansion packs also provide additional building instructions and inspiration for creating new and exciting Lego Jurassic World environments.

Sharing Your Creations with Others

Once you have built your epic Lego Jurassic World creations, don’t forget to share them with other Lego enthusiasts. Join online Lego communities or participate in Lego Jurassic World contests to showcase your flying dinosaur creations.

Sharing your creations will not only inspire others but also provide you with valuable feedback and ideas for future projects.


Incorporating flying dinosaurs into your Lego Jurassic World collection opens up a world of possibilities for exciting playtime adventures. By selecting the right dinosaurs, creating suitable environments, and designing thrilling encounters, you can take your Lego Jurassic World experience to new heights. So, gather your bricks, unleash your imagination, and let the flying dinosaurs soar through your Lego Jurassic World!

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