Idle Champions Best Favor Farming In 2023

The Importance of Favor in Idle Champions

Favor is a crucial resource in Idle Champions, as it allows you to increase the power of your champions and progress further in the game. With higher favor, you can unlock and upgrade more blessings, which provide significant bonuses to your champions’ abilities. Efficiently farming favor is essential for maximizing your progress and reaching higher levels.

Choosing the Right Adventure

When it comes to favor farming, selecting the right adventure is key. Look for adventures with a high favor per hour ratio. These adventures usually have a lower difficulty level, allowing you to quickly progress through them and earn favor at a faster rate. Additionally, adventures with multiple boss fights often yield more favor, so keep an eye out for those.

Event Adventures

Event adventures are a great way to farm favor, as they offer unique challenges and increased favor rewards. During special events, such as festivals or holiday celebrations, event adventures become available for a limited time. These adventures often provide higher favor rewards compared to regular adventures, making them an excellent opportunity to boost your favor quickly.

Optimizing Champion Formation

The composition of your champion formation plays a significant role in favor farming. Each champion has unique abilities and synergies that can greatly enhance their effectiveness. Experiment with different combinations to find the optimal formation for each adventure. Consider champions with area-of-effect attacks, healing abilities, and those that can quickly eliminate boss enemies.

Tanking and Support Champions

Having a strong tank and support champions in your formation is crucial for surviving higher-level adventures and maximizing favor gains. Tanks can absorb damage and protect your other champions, while support champions provide healing and buffs to boost their performance. Don’t underestimate the importance of a well-balanced formation.

Utilizing Familiars and Speed Potions

Familiars and speed potions can greatly enhance your favor farming efficiency. Familiars automate certain tasks, such as leveling up champions and clicking distractions, allowing you to focus on progressing through the adventure. Speed potions, on the other hand, increase the game’s speed, allowing you to complete adventures faster and earn favor more efficiently.

Increasing Familiar Slots

Consider investing in additional familiar slots to further optimize your favor farming. Each extra slot allows you to assign more familiars to different tasks, such as leveling up champions, clicking distractions, or even farming gold. Having multiple familiars actively assisting you can significantly speed up your progress and favor gains.

Unlocking and Upgrading Blessings

Blessings provide substantial bonuses to your champions’ stats and abilities, making them vital for favor farming. Focus on unlocking and upgrading blessings that enhance your chosen champions and formation. Prioritize blessings that increase gold find, damage, and champion-specific bonuses. Higher-level blessings provide more significant benefits, so invest your favor wisely.

Completing Patron Challenges

Patron challenges offer additional sources of favor and valuable rewards. Each patron provides unique challenges that you can complete for extra favor. These challenges often require specific restrictions or conditions to be met, providing an additional layer of strategic gameplay. Successfully completing these challenges can significantly boost your favor gains.

Joining a Guild

Joining a guild can provide several benefits when it comes to favor farming. Guilds often have experienced players who can provide valuable advice and strategies for efficient favor farming. Additionally, guilds may have unlocked powerful guild perks that provide substantial bonuses to favor gains. Collaborating with fellow guild members can greatly enhance your overall progress.

Participating in Events and Tournaments

Events and tournaments organized by guilds offer additional opportunities for favor farming. These special events often feature unique challenges and rewards that can significantly boost your favor gains. Participating in these events not only helps you farm favor but also fosters a sense of community and friendly competition within your guild.

Continuously Progressing and Rebalancing

As you progress in Idle Champions, the optimal strategies for favor farming may change. New champions, updates, and balancing changes can impact the effectiveness of different formations and approaches. Stay updated with the latest game changes and be willing to adapt and experiment with different strategies to maximize your favor farming efficiency.

Keeping an Eye on Patch Notes

Regularly check the game’s patch notes to stay informed about any changes that may affect your favor farming strategy. Developers often introduce balance adjustments, new champions, and other updates that can impact your gameplay. By staying informed, you can quickly adapt to changes and ensure you continue farming favor efficiently.


Favor farming is a crucial aspect of Idle Champions, allowing you to progress further and unlock powerful blessings. Choosing the right adventures, optimizing your champion formation, utilizing familiars and speed potions, unlocking blessings, and participating in guild activities are all vital for efficient favor farming. Stay updated with the latest game changes and continuously adapt your strategies to maximize your favor gains. With dedication and smart gameplay, you’ll become a master at favor farming in Idle Champions.

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